1. extreme patriotism, especially in the form of aggressive or warlike foreign policy.
    synonyms: extreme patriotism, chauvinism, extreme nationalism, xenophobia, flag-waving;


Jingoism at the national level is what Seth’s Ego is at the personal level when he often says Me(I) expressing himself as different from the current argument. 

#Bullshit … all “me,i” does is change the focus of a paragraph from writing about people in general … to talking about myself in particular.

#jingoism is like the dictionary deflation recognizes … an extreme … it is an obsession.   me, i am not obsessed with what is inside me. 

Shit shit and more shit to match Mark’s shitting.

null well that is the nature of #RWG.   sometimes it teases out some new understanding.  most often it does not.

That which says “I” to whatever it says it to is making a distinction between itself & everything else not covered by the “I” . Such is the nature of an Ego (Latin for I am) . When a country says so (as Trump said in his inauguration speech) it is asserting it’s self interest. 

We will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world, but we do so with the understanding that it is the right of all nations to put their own interests first. 
   – D.J. Trump

Does not seth & nathan put their own interests first? 

yep.  the choice is to what degree one identifies with  some particular distinction and not with another.  me, i do not identify with America quite so very much as i identify with myself, my family, Renton, the Internet, humanity, nature herself.  America is not really even in my hierarchical sequence of priorities.  with #jingoism the nation is right up there close to #selfie.  

So then seth you are a chauvinist of your selfie.smug

i don’t know what you are pushing here mark.

What is the hierarchy of priorities indoctrinated in the Navy?  … in the Marines? … what are yours?

Dude, you are #aug ing Trump’s self interest in America as chauvinist etc.  You figure it out.null

Trump speaking for the ego of America is his job now.  Certainly he himself must identify with that … even with #jingoism … and he did so in his #InaugurationSpeech. 

The only thing *i* #aug is Trump’s conceptions of what America should be.  I would have chosen quite a different ego for America as you know.  i much preferred the one that Obama projected. 

Hyper-exaggerating as you go – typical of your party .

well it is a fact that #TrumpBashing is starting out far stonger than #ObamaBashing ever did.   and strangely enough it is not split down party partisan lines.  

me, i am actually anti #TrumpBashing and have said so in public.  I did not like your #ObamaBashing and i don’t like #TrumpBashing any more.   I say accept and give him a chance … don’t fight it … but then nobody #listens to me.

My concern here is with the nature of politics itself ...

… and with my daydream that i made up when i was a little kid … a  little man speaking deep inside me, becomming the guiding voice of the country that was me.  

In American politics i am a voyier in the audience being entertained and hopefully not dazzeled by his song and dance.