Nuff Said

I need to be dressed as a giant CUNT to be taken  seriously for my beliefs. null


Trump in the context of a Book Store ...

i liked the “little penis” kids finger puppet book … but i couldn’t get denise to carry it null

Hidden Pedophilia interests, eh bro? Specially about the youngest trump kid?

that’s Patty, not me … she is his age. 

actually i was surprised null by these offerings from this showroom.  i did not expect it in this setting … especially so soon even before he took office … wwhich is why i photographed it … it is a #first.

.Notice how strong and wide spread (even world wide) is the opposition to #trump.  It’s making your puny  #ObamaBashing look like a walk in the park. 

sorry about that null … not really null … just the way this ball has bounced null

(**null #PML 

Lena Dunham claims (claims!) she is losing weight because Donald Trump has convinced her not to eat. The Catholic church won’t declare a person a saint until after their death, but if this extraordinary statement is true, maybe a miracle of this magnitude deserves an exception?

yeah #PML indeed ! … but it is true, #Trump is causing all kind of havoc in our psyches even the one the only seems to have noticed this upheaval null