Work on baby ...

Baby’s current URL

#SethToDo …
  1. delete any thoughts that should not be in baby
  2. Do as much as possible in “Introducting your new thinking domain” assuming that it will point into
  3. modify the sign up form to eliminate references to fastblogit or myself
nathan anything else that i might not have noticed?  I still am not going to put any doc, or glossary, or anything not absolutely essential to the birth of a new domain prior to her education phase.


null Here is the best way i can think of to design the proliferation …

  1. minimize the assumptions of the initial TD shell (baby)
  2. allow the second phase of proliferation to educate and differentiate the the TD to become more specific (then it is born)
To do that the baby and the education are both called up in the command to proliferate the TD that is given to the client.

i suggest the following command that calls up both aspects and marries them :
> td make <baby> <education>

both <baby> and <education> are TD’s in their own right that we can access and compose as normal.  Thing is that <baby> itself only needs to support that one ability.  That is the minimum it needs .. the rest is already supplied by #SeriTD.



shit i forgot my credentials for baby … now i got to delve into a sublayer of my awarness stack null

i say it needs them … but not in baby … in a education phase

i agree with you that in many cases a new domain shold be turned over to its owner with a glossary, sandbox and maybe much more.

but i want that to happen in an educcation phase.  after the spaun just fire a mandatory education phase.   allow that the education might be called up on the command line that sires the td.  that way it can vary.  even a lot of the scripts, like sign-up,  could be moved to the education phase.

the owner would probably never even know it happened … so your objection re hating sites that do that is irrelivant.

all the new owner would know is that they are getting a specific kind of a baby … oh i love girls … i want a girl baby.   when it comes out the tube, it is already educated to be a girl.

i find your conceptions of what is essential to a thinking domain extremely limiting.  … but don’t get me wrong … they probably would work for many people.

i just want the variabiity put in a place where it happens as it should happen … happening  according to the choices of the people becoming responsible for their new domain.

… okay whatever null

at least why not build in a education phase called up from the command line which proliferates?

so it would read something like this … and i’m talking off top of my head … 
> cd tdprolif
> td make <baby> educate <girl>

… factor into baby or girl whichever way you want.


inevitably we want lots of different people composing starting TDs …  burning our notions of what those things will look like is not  something that you or i should be doing.

that is why it is best to burn into the process the very minimal number of assumptions.   that will last the longest. 

On a website there may be just one that is offered to porspects to start out with.   Maybe the same will happen in a coffee shop.   But as this evolves,  so too will the different ways these things will be when they come out the tube differentiate.  Eventually there will be choices that the prospect chooses, of some saleswoman presents to them, or some company brands there offering.  My way means that as that evolves, you don’t even need to change the proliferator at all.  

… not to mention that my way is much more biological.   quite more the way babies are born.  think sex and you might see what i am talking about.

  1. baby will last longer and less programming changes will be necessary as we grow if baby is the absolute minmum.  
  2. the way a new domain is propagated should be by these commands …
> cd tdprolif
> td make <baby> educate <startlng-characteristics>


Then if you want to put whatever into the first education menton, knock yourself out.  restrict it however.  put in your own assumptions how you think people should act.  whatever floats your boat.  hey i will even be excited about writing the first <starting-characteristics> with you.   others designers will be free to do that too if they have other ideas about how a TD could spring into being.

hey i will work on just exactly what i want to work on … don’t need no instructions from you … especially since you have no clue what you are doing.

hey … what gives … you deleted my comments on my own blog?  … i did not even think that #SeriTD allwed that.   What did you just do nathan ?

Conversation forked to thought 22835

Restore all my comments on my own blog!!

  If #SeriTD allowd you to delete them, then she is programmed wrong. 

If you deleted them in the DB, then you have overstepped your prilidges in this domain.

You have outsourced your humanity.

#hmmm … yep, probably the Trump effect.

that does not make sense to me.   explain yourself. 

But first restore my comments on my blog.

i make up and control my humanity.  i have no idea what shit you are making up here.

Explain your actions nathan !

#hmmm … oh okay i get it … you are #projecting … #StupidChild 

it’s okay … i know the essence of what i said … i will just rewrite it … in fact i will put it in the body of the thought … away form naughty boys arrogant dreams of power null