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Miami says ...
That is not true seth. I don’t experience people going around calling any other prejudiced because of what they believe in their own mind. People only call others prejudiced when another actually does something to warrant that label. I really don’t care what some dictionary that was made to be the best possible thought on the subject in some other era says. It is very clear that the “common usage” of the word prejudiced in action out there in the world today is about the actions of others based on beliefs, not about what people believe.


Prejudice is just pre-judging or a #PileOfWords – whichever warms your hearts.

Well yes obviously.  If they do not do anything,  like for example say something, then you do not know what another believes privately inside their own mind.    What you said is totally consistent with what i said.  

So why did you say “That is not true”, nathan?

That may be what it once was … I challenge you to find any use of that, in that way, in modern times. When the word is used in modern times, it is used to label an action.

i already provide the example … it was about #okra.

Because it is not. It doesn’t matter if people know about each other’s beliefs or not. What matters in respect to the “common use” of the term prejudice is the actions a person is taking in respect to their beliefs. That is what people care about, and that is how they use the word in these times.

In these times, considerably more actual numbers of people are tolerant of others believing differently in nearly any way. It is common to expect others to have different beliefs. What is now cared about is what people do, not what they believe.

N seems to like to resort to ageism &/or pretending others are living in the past while he is repeating past paradigms. null

Yep. True story. Who’s writing it?

N will need a different word then. Prejudice in the B/W racial domain is pre-judging another’s character by the color of his skin.

well in the context of what i was saying to you distinguishing between the private belief or an external deed was the whole point. 

this 3 way dilog got quite confused. 

Sure i agree we usually use the word “prejuce” to talk about what people say or do.   Usually in most contexts we assume that we can not know what another actually believes privately in their heart.

I guess when N gets so caught up & wrapped up in himself he can’t see who else is in the pool – hence the question.

Good description of Mark Russell IMHO. Guess I’m doing my mirroring job right.  


Yes, but these guys are not under contract. Quite a difference if you ask me.

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Nope. You know exactly what I mean. You simply consider it invalid. Not the same thing.

N → #AlreadyAlwaysArguing

Nope. No arguing. Just mirroring you back to you. If that looks like arguing to you, well then I wonder what you look like to others?  

Nope continuously arguing that you are not arguing is still arguing & tends to make you  resemble an  --- It must be a real struggle for your pupiteer to pretend you are not a puppet. null 

Just keep staring in that mirror mark. Eventually you will recognize the movements as your own.  

Keep on playing with your strings & see if you can free yourself of robotic RWG responses & movements
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a robot - M.R.

Yes. I believe you are starting to see the light. Pretty soon you may start doing that.  

… and if it is hard to do this time? Don’t worry, next time it will come easier. And the time after that, easier still.

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