Yep. He is president now. Do you feel different?

Interesting watching Barron Trump behind Daddy during all the proceedings. There is someone to keep your eye on! Did you know he has his own entire floor of Trump Tower?


i do not … do you?  Well actually i always “feel different” but that is another subject null

I watched Barron  at #Trump’s acceptance speech for the nomination ...

… now we see him at the moment of  inauguration.

Lots of rumors about him floating around … and high flying drama swirling around his life.   I suppose i will be a #BarronWatcher too. 

I didn’t know he existed until watching the igo today. I knew nothing at all about Trump’s family. I watch almost no news or TV. Therefore, my impulse that he bears watching is not influenced by others. It is straight from source here and now. My authentic channeling of information upon seeing him present himself here today. After the impulse, I looked him up … and my intelligence agrees with my impulse.

Another siting for #BarronWatcher’s …
during the parade #Trump and the family got out of the limo and walked for the crowd.

in the end of the walk Barron waved . 

Is he acting his role?

Too bad dilogue has been shut down on mark’s thought … any interest in “the #mask” can happen elsewhere.

A few in the Daily Mail pics – OTOH who gives a turd.

Patty thinks Barron is cute.