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i agree with #PR here,  #lies are immoral.   They make one’s inside contradict one’s outside.   That fucks up our human fabric.   It sacrifices the long term beauty of a #LoaSwim for a momentary advantage over others.  It is not my thing … i love null too much when my insides #RingTrue with my surroundings. 

Where it takes #lies to #win … me, i think i will join a different #MultiVerse.

I think Peter said morals are invented – do they serve or not? he asked. Lies make no sense in one’s behavior if one is pursuing a path to grock the truth. … slightly different.

As long as you are sticking to the real definition of a #lie (referenced here What is a lie really?) I agree in general.

However, I will point out that authenticity trumps a lie. If there is a time where one’s authentic impulse is to lie, then that lie is still the best fit to all people, all circumstances, as well ast that one who is lying, in that moment.  I personally think that happening would be rare … but it acknowledges that we cannot always know what is best for all … and yet our source, that which is behind our authentic excitement, can know what is best for all far beyond what we can manage to think out ourselves, and is not bound by our beliefs.

well yeah what we do that is human we invent.   we invented #lies.  

#grock’ing truth … feeling things #RingTrue is obviously not telling #lies. 

i don’t know what is “slightly different” from that in my take away from peter’s talk. 

it is interesting to note that when an actor steps on a stage to portray a role, they put on #masks which tells  #lies.  

To the degree that the actor is portraying their role … they are not lieing … to the degree they are not they are just being a bad actor null

But Is that spectrum limited only to the stage? … does it not apply to all of life?

There is no “intent to deceive”, the audience is agreeing on the premise that this is a work of art, so this is not even inside the category of #lying at all. It is in the category of drama.

To be in the category of #lying, one has to know that what they are presenting is not what they believe, and be intending to deceive.

After you munge it up to fix your preconceived notions – no surprise! pondering

A lie is a deliberate(?) misrepresentation of that which is. Beliefs are operational distinctions made up by oneself & others to maintain survival & may correspond to some reality or not; religions being full of them; politics certainly are. Just because you believe one thing & speak another does not prove you are a liar it just proves you are confused & perhaps inauthentic. Congruency of behavior & what you say you are doing & will do is true authenticity. 
See some Werner Erhard for a longer dissertation on the latter.

#LOL … who’s “what is”, yours mark? A lie is disagreeing with you, is that it? If two people in a room have totally different beliefs, who is lying? How to do you choose? Or are they both lying? Your idea seems simplistic and naive. 

I don’t live in the confusion of that which is that you folks do. Enjoy the munge pool of your brains. Da #juice is very very good 4U.

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A lie is not disagreeing with me – you lie!

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