Last moments in White House... 

Leaves USA $9,335,000,000,000 Deeper in Debt...

$75,129 Per Full-Time Worker…

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Good thing we are not all full time workers eh?
Who works 24/7 anyway? Robots?

Now I know you are probably thinking that answer is at best cute, maybe even flippant or agumentative. But actually, it demonstrates a very sound point.

We don’t need the majority of workers anymore. Robots are quite capable of doing most jobs humans now do. This is not science fiction, Google robots can drive cars on any highway now by themselves (and the Tesla too). Amazon drones can fly anywhere by themselves. Walking robots can traverse nearly any terrain and do nearly any task. The technology exists to make our world devoid of the need for a work force. People could, today, start doing only what they want to do and have all their basic needs met. That we don’t is only due to politics and greed.

So what does it matter how much in debt we are, or anyone is? When humans want to, they can simply eliminate money from the equation entirely, forgive all debt, and start living the way we each really want to live … like the model presented in Star Trek, that would be one way we could go. It is entirely practical technology wise for humans to live without money, credit, and debt … we are just wafting for humans to get wise.  

There are ~ 7 billion on planet Earth. ~ 40% live in poverty. In places where robots wouldn’t do much.
The Ahrimanic wet dream of a mechanized world not attractive. Every time I hear of robots in the news I wonder what people would actually do without a vocation. 

Without a vocation? Easy … live authentic really awesome lives! Vocations directly get in the way of that. Vocations trap people into believing they have to work hard to be happy and have what they want. Vocations drain energy and creativity for the majority who have them. Vocations are as close to the anti-ideal of a way to live joyfully and obtain desires as one can get.

All of that poverty is not necessary, it is maintained by politics and greed. Yes, some parts of the world will come online without money before others, but all can get there. In the mean time, there will still be large areas where souls can go for the drama and lessons they desire in the competitive and highly frictional money domain.

#BTW, that is not the dream Ahriman offers. That is only your personal interpretation of it … and is similar to the view that “guns are evil, guns kill”. Guns don’t kill, people do. Same with technology. Ahriman is offering a particular path, and technology can easily be a part of that path for many, but Ahriman is not offering technology itself. Technology is simply built on top of the area Ahriman has domain over … i.e. the binding forces of matter. Don’t confuse the map with the territory.

You must be a personal friend.

N has the philosophy of Mary Poppins. Simplistic & made for children.

I am honored! Mary Poppins was one of the first people in whom I recognized excellence and mastery. You may think of her as an unobtainable fictional character. In my long and lovely life, I have come to understand that symbols, such as Mary Poppins, and Polyanna, are actually the higher forms humanity is capable of obtaining shining thorough the artistic talents of some of our great creative geniuses. That is why we watch such movies and are uplifted, if even for a short time. Humans can, and will, someday exist with all her abilities, refinements, and aspirations, and more.   

By the time you & your robots are doing what you feel like doing I will have left your 8th sphere world behind evolving with the rest of humanity. null

Interesting belief. Upon what do you base that? Oh I know what 8th sphere and all that is, I mean, upon what do you base the idea that you will be there so soon? You are only beginning to seed the aspects of your spirit which are required for 8th sphere experience IMHO. I suspect you will be coming back and continuing to learn for quite a while yet.

Enjoy the #Egoo& the #juice.  Read RS once in a while, maybe or continue to #MakeShitUp null

I do read #RS. Plenty. That’s why I have a good idea of where you are at.  

Where do you form the idea you are ready for 8th sphere from?

Not me, you!

Well, I am simply mirroring you.  

Maybe you just eat too much #TuQuoque with the #juice on top. Adios!

Strange how prophetic Ronald Reagan was over 40 years ago – null
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