Quarantine of Hacks at Inmotion for Speak To Me Catalog

I just discovered a directory in which inmotion quarantines files which were hacked …

← these files gave 404 errors on the web.  The php hack on the bottom of each file was obvious. an example is shown below

I discovered these files were missing and uploaded them from mirror about a week ago.  Apparently we re-uploaded the hack.  Today I deleted the hacks and re-uploaded the files and now they are okay.

It’s nice to know that now we can find these hacks and fix them null.  

#SethToDo find a way that we can get notifications from inmotion next time we get hacked.

← sans the PHP activator syntax here is an example hack that happened in 2013. 

tag #hack #hacks #SpeaktomecatalogCom #inmotion 


← these are old hacks