an example of LOA philosophy not working ...

Miami says ...
It is not up to me to master you getting what you want.

The simple fact I see is, that you will often spend up to an hour carefully reading and re crafting a reply to Mark’s total bullshit and rwg posts. Sometime you even do that with my bullshit posts.

If you would put the same energy and excitement into the things I write about the project, the project, your project, the thing you say you want, would be moving way way faster. I can move way way faster even though I am a blur to you already. It slows me down massively to write things and have to rewrite them sometimes 3 or 4 times. I write clearly and with lots of visuals and pointing and callouts and seth tags on exactly those things you need to know … and as you can see by rereading all the extensive dialog generated today and yesterday … I get it right! I anticipate well exactly what you will need to know, drop it well for you, and have moved on miles when you call me back because you didn’t put the same level of energy into what I wrote about the project that you put into Mark’s pontification about Trump.

So you tell me. Which is more important to you? If you could put the same energy into this project as you put into RWG with Mark and have it move the project light years ahead, would you?

I don’t write things about the project that you don’t need to know. If I write it and you put your full attention into it … there will be grand results. Doesn’t ever mean you have to agree. This is not about agreement. It is about how much of your attention and energy you allocate. How many times you re read it until you fully grock it, just like you re read one of Mark’s posts. How many times you true up the answer. Think about where you are putting your actual attention … that is where your actual realty moves.




Did you notice that you told me, It is not up to me to master you getting what you want”

then you proceeded to tell me how to master you so that you could get what you want ?  nullnull

… and you said that in response to me saying …

there is a knack to going the same way with other people … there is a skill in sharing a path.  apparently you and i have not mastered that.   TDs will help … but it won’t do the whole thing for us. 


You’ve done that same kind of  extreme self centered mirroring (projecting?) before in our lives.   Eevery time you do it … i get a real big #PML .   The last one was where you were trying to get me to open my Facebook wall for you to post to it. 

Fact is that people need to learn how to treat each other to walk the same path … and blaming what does not work for you,  on me … or visa vers … does not get us loving to cooperatenull.   That is what i was saying.  

That respect for the other person’s focus and movements and special skills and differences is  necessary regardless of any #LOA philosophy or #LoaSwim.   Otherwise it does not feel good.

Nope. I already get what I want. I am informing you what you can do different so that you get what you want more often. Your butt fucking words here Seth. You simply don’t like it when I tell you something instead of guide you to it and let you figure it out for yourself. You have some preconceived idea that telling people things is not respecting them. That is a common idea among your generation, and mine too, but not among those coming into actionable obtaining now. Now to show respect means one thing only … to be authentic. To flow from your point if being, not from your point of habit or from how you have learned to behave. That is what I do. That you don’t see it as respect is because you do flow from how you think people should flow instead of authentically from what your inner being actually passes to you to flow to others.