A Context for Selfies

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I think this statement provides a good context  for the philosophy on the right. 

The one on the right providing  a partial answer to the isolation of #Ego. 

The trick, me thinks,  is learning to be happy while walking the path with others going the same direction. 

Note that the one on the right is a foil & product of Contrived Platitudes on Facebook.   Maybe a trick, maybe not – more like contrast. The notion that sentience begets mind or ego is interesting.

he didn’t actually say that.   What he said is more like “sentience, mind, and ego are all in the same context” … er, which is hard to deny. 

I think the #duality part of #sentience creates #mind  &  #ego … or something like that … it’s a bit #AboveMyPayGrade … er, too sum for the likes of actual me nullnull

I’ll take Peter Ralston for what he said – grocked it as is. I think you twisted it a bit. The context begins with sentience not duality.

point is that #PR did not say, as you proposed,  “sentience begets mind or ego” … that is you going beyond what peter said.

I went beyond just like you did … i added #duality, without which #mind could not be … and  threw #ego in just like you and peter did. 

Yep not arguing – I understood it as is – maybe we should just delete everything in the comments. Anyway something else showed up in G+ consciousness group – I liked the ending.

#sethhmmm got #ToWatch “The Mirroring Vortex” about #ego when i am focusing more on that level of things.

good find null … #thanks → mark
notice how he brought in what i call the #duality … #munged in there with #mirroring.  we are all crawling on these same #edges … somtime we may see how they #work null

If matter, perception, and thought only change form but nothing comes or goes, this suggests that the essence of existence has no form. -Peter Ralston

nullnull #WhatIff ?

#sethhmmm re #existence and #form and what changes what

The words existence & is do not imply (or make distinct) anything about form or substance