What is the Purpose of Consciousness?

Movie Side Effects or this ref (imdb) watched last night before bed ~ 12:30 AM .  Was on Xfinity Starz net.
In a courtroom scene the psychiatrist testifies as an expert & says words to the effect: Another idea (in a different scene) was that the inability of a person to create a viable future causes depression, anxiety etc. Has lots of applications in today’s politics.
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don’t be a robot - M.R.


#wow that seems a lot to have put into a movie … i will have #ToWatch it … #SethToDo

Another idea (in a different scene) was that the inability of a person to create a viable future causes depression, anxiety etc.

mark paraphrasing a scene from “Side Effects”

This is true.   I believe it is considered under the name #CognitiveDissonance other places.  Me, with my chiggy mind have to do it just about every other day … so have gotten good at it.   This #ThinkingDomain helps … gives me a crutch … provides the basis of sustained representation and momentum from which to start anew.  Remember the movie where, was it Drew Barramore, who had some brain injury and lived each day with no memory of her previous history.   It is not like that … but it kind of is. 

I doubt that you can’t find a viable future of some kind.  The psychiatrist is not talking about cognitive dissonace. He is talking about no future appears viable – a black unpleasant fog descends over  all of life. 

anyway whatever you call it … and however you rationalize its existence … that kind of depression is cured by “creating a new viable future” for yourself.   How many times have you done that mark?  Me, i have done it innumerable times … and be warned,  i will #fuck the first person who uses that admission against me nullnull

Angry shit for what purpose? I offered what was in the movie as causing depression & anxiety – no accusations.  Reframing it into cognitive dissonance is not helpful in understanding what I wrote.

no angry shift here … that would be you #MakeShitUp’ing.  … and forget about #CognitiveDissonance that was not even important.

What i said above was something important to me that i have been wanting to say anyway.  What you said about the movie may (or may not) even be directly related … after all i have yet to even WATCH the movie.  

 i will #fuck the first person who uses that admission against me nullnull – Seth above.

not angry though. Maybe just #Egoo & da’  #juice 

that was meant in the context of sombody who would have used my honest admission against me … after all i bespoke of a weakness of sorts.

 i had hoped that you would not have taken such a person to be yourself nullnull.   to understand a dude like myself you really do need to parse a bit deeper than just responding to the #fuck word itself.

Don’t see any way to use it against you – wasn’t doing such myself – must be paranoid null – ha! found a way. null

… not really.  as far as i can tell you don’t even know what i admitted.

Humans create their own reality AND experience it. Animals and other forms of life only experience it. That is the difference. Someday there will be a show, and a paper, and an art, explaining it exactly this way. Mark my words. You, specifically, heard it here first.  


Depends a lot on where the Ego is. 

There are some whose Ego say “I am” to a whole lot more than they have qualia of experience for or consciousness awareness of. 

nullnull .. & yet speak for it anyway!

Well mark, you are starting to speak instead of just parrot … I call that a good start!  

Gold star 

https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/insight/201011/are-people-who-act-superior-really-insecure  null
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