Here we enter into the kaleidoscopically balkanizing world of intersectionality, which highlights multiple identities in an effort to single-out the nexus of ascriptive attributes that produces maximal oppression. The idea is that once these attributes have been identified, the "privilege" of those who undertake the oppression can be subverted. Yet in practice, the hierarchy of privilege isn’t so much subverted as reproduced and inverted.

#WTF – can one get any more abstract.  XOR maybe unite as human & solve the problems as human – maybe not even a target for solutions from government. (Synergy of Individuals, maybe):

It should be obvious that this brand of politics is profoundly poisonous. Instead of seeking to level an unjust hierarchy, mitigate its worst abuses, and foster cross-group solidarity, intersectionality merely flips the hierarchy on its head, placing the least privileged in the most powerful position and requiring everyone else to clamor for relative advantage in the new upside-down ranking. Those who come out on top in the struggle win their own counter-status, earning the special privilege of getting to demand that those lower in the pecking order "check their privilege."

This is a sure-fire spur to division, dissension, and resentment.



Well the basic assumption of #intersectionality ….

Intersectionality is the idea that multiple identities intersect to create a whole that is different from the component identities.


… seem sound enough to me.  Identities do intersect for a person creating a #moasic ( a #collage ) that is quite different than  any of the componet identities.   To me that is directly related to ego and that “I am a variable”.  I think it is also related to nathan’s navigation of the #MultiVerse … but you did not hear that from him, you heard it from me null.

Now politically to use that in some kind of victim vs victor struggle .. well that is not my thingey.  I am simply not interested in that aspect of intersectionality anymore than i am interested in #RWG