Outside/Inside VS Belief/Facts

An interesting organization of things by two orthogonal distinctions 
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Anything practical here? Anything inform behavior better? how?

It is simply a cross between two independant distinctions … partitioning and mapping examples accordingly.  Some people call it a decision table.  i have used it frequently to clarify my thinking where two independent variables are involved.   You may have used these yourself under the name google decision table.  See also paragraph 2, page 7 #BarbaraCubed.

The two distinctions that i am studying here are the ones i have been running that seemingly neither you or nathan understand.  You may start understanding them if you see how they divide some examples which you may understand. 

None of your example relate to inside/outside . You are just responding (stimulus/response) to a condition. I doubt anything you mention above goes through your mind as you choose to use an umbrella or not.

Well the examples on the left are outside of me … the examples on the right are inside of me.  That is how my examples relate to inside/outside.

All of those examples have “gone through my mind” at one time or another.

The rest of what you said i do not understand at all.

Well quite simply I don’t use a decision table to put on my gloves when it’s cold -don’t even look at a thermometer. Strangely enough I don’t use an umbrella if it is raining. It is all fairly pavlovian or operant conditioning. 
OTOH, if you wanted to emulate my behavior with a robot you might need a decision table.null

Well you might have noticed that everything above the bold horizontal line belongs almost exclusively to our humanity.  Pavlovian operant conditioning is quite below the line and belongs mostly to what we have in common with animals like your bitch there.  If you see value in our human thrust into the future you may well want to start using some of the examples above that line.

I have instincts & prior experience & the Golden Rule to guide me. Don’t need no stinking decision tables nor diagrams to live my life.

Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! - M.R.

#hmmmm is that all you got? … #shucks.

No dude – Is #Egoo & #juice all you got?
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! – Don’t be a robot.  M.R.



i love that i can update on top of this diagram, without even opening the thought null

again  #kudos → nathan

Told you I had a better idea for cartoon editing way back December of last year … that’s why I never bothered to update the old cartooner … didn’t worry about it. Reality finally caught up with what’s in my head on this subject.  

There are many other things like that here still. The reality I live with daily is not the one you see much of.  

yes i knew that null.   about time that we took the old one out of the tool bar null

FYI (Psychology 101) There is a difference between Pavlovian (classical) conditioning (dogs and bell) & operant conditioning.
see: https://media.lanecc.edu/users/kime/Psy202learningC.pdf if you care. NLP is more pavlovian when used by the therapist (anchoring) & the client usually arrived at their challenges via operant.

null politics is more operant via M$M although protesting is purely pavlovian.

The important consideration is what leads and what follows … is it creative will from #inside? … or the momentum of habit constructed by reward and punishment from #outside?  The latter is anamilistic … the former is the thrust of our humanity into the future.

You know the lick, … i got it from you, … something to the effect, “Our thoughts lead, and our body follows” … please do read the exact quote  into the record here.    Wasn’t it from #PR ?

I did it before – use your magic search & find it. It was spoken of in the context of martial arts not all people nor all the time.
One has to be conscious to grock consequences & have intent. Conditioning is but one part. Beliefs may be a product of conditioning. Inside-out is a smoke screen for fuzzy ideas.

Maybe your vibes are attracting this via fb https://www.gaia.com/lp/inner-worlds-outer-worlds/?utm_source=facebook+paid&utm_medium=cpm&utm_campaign=st-innerworlds&utm_content=yinyang&utm_term=11-14-innerouter-video-award&ch=st 

kwing – borders are of all styles, shapes & character –  not just inside & outside. Consciousness as a context for action with meaning described in thought 22747null

Comic relief on the topic here:
 & a one-sided surface: