Did Putin blackmail Trump?

BREAKING NEWS FROM CNN – started 1/10/16 2PM PST

#Trump’s knee jerk response …

I’m such an easy mark. Can we all just admit that?#Russianhacking #putinspuppet #FuckTrump #Trumpleaks


— Donald Trump (@USsupremeLeader) January 10, 2017
my knee jerk response … my headline, “Did Putin blackmail Trump?” … sorry about that  gossip indeed ...

What goes around, comes around!

common knowledge

tag #RussianHacking #PutinsPuppet #TrumpPuppet


When dealing with Trump, one must ask themselves one and only one question to discover motive and effect.

What are these words going to cause the most people to actually think about?

… and remember … it is not “what will they want” … it is only “what will they actually think about”. Trump has mastered this effect.

that makes sense null

in this case it seems it is the intelligence community who is talking first.  they are on the offensive.

#Trump is defending … expect punch, counter punch … eventually sombody will get #defamed …. or sombody will get #fired.  

Trump will try to change the narrative … lots of headlines comming … his first move, blame the messenger (the #media).

We will see lots of #TitForTat goint to happen on this one.  #WATCH the show.

Interesting first tweet by #Trump … playing the victim  → “I’m such an easy mark. Can we all just admit that?”

Also note how fast he tweeted.  I saw the breaking news on CNN,  then went to twitter, and there it already was.  I hadn’t even got a chance to finish my thought here.

And now he tweets …

What is “fake Donald Trump”? Isn’t that like saying Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca is “fake Humphrey Bogart”?

← These fakes  pop up all the time … gotta make sure that you are looking at @realDonaldTrump … he is scary enough … but not that scary.

well there is fiction … and there is fake fiction … and there is also #CreativeNonfiction ...

Um … politics is acting. I think that is what we are talking about here. Always has been.

Well everything i do is an act … is an action … is acting.   The story i tell could have been written a long long time ago … or made up on the spot by myself … or written by a playright.   It can have consequences just on the immediate stage … or in the world itself … or non at all.   The audience can be out there in in the auditorium … or in the steets and alleys of my town … the fields or the store … or even in my bed beside me.  It is a slippery slope all the way down.

Acting was my first love …

Okay. Seems like that is exactly where I am when I say “what is fake Donald Trump”?

It seems to me that he has a job to do. That job is to influence the activities of this country. The only way to do that is to be an actor of some kind or another. He is the kind that he is, which may be different than a Regan or a Clinton, but it is no more or less acting. That’s politics. So to say he is being fake, to me, is simply saying “You are witnessing him doing his job the way a Donald Trump does it”.

apparently, via buzz feed, these are the “classified breefing documents” given to #Trump and #Obama …

read the highligted parts … here is the jucy perverted one that you were looking for ...

tag #goldenShowers
Although this smells fake to me … the broadcast channels are talking about it seriously … and reporting that it came from trusted sources. 

Why would this be fake? Seems like good politicking to me. Trump doesn’t want to be in the thoughts and favor of the elite and politically powerful … he knows that’s a dead game. Hasn’t worked for any president in a very very long time (more than my lifetime).

What Trump wants is to be in the thoughts and favor of everyday people, because everyday people DO influence their politicians quite loudly when they are incited. Have you looked at the porn stats lately? Everyday people love this golden shower (and all the other varieties of this). They eat it up. It is the biggest business online, hands down. Trump knows who to influence.

Now I still say Trump is the Antichrist. Which is no big deal to me. The Antichrist has been on the show program for eons now and was known to be in a position of western world power during this time period. It’s in the general script.  

In fact, that Trump understands what makes the world tick further validates that he is likely the Antichrist … who would know how to leverage reality.  All part of the show we are here for.

Well me, i have been avoiding that story … too old … too #biblical.  

I would prefer #impeachment …

← or even #Trump making America great, like a gold lined Trump Tower

… which would be a yucky story but at least would not involve #SpiritualFiction.

I prefer the standard story. Which is that the whirlwind of events happening right now are ushering in a new age of peace and growth where humanity transcends the frictional growth components of the last few thousand years no longer needing them. The current liveliness of the world is due to the death screams of that dying era playing out … or as the bible puts it, the culling. Those who want the drama and old growth patterns will no longer find it here, they will have to go elsewhere soon. The Antichrist is simply part of that process and this transition. He will eventually lead those who still desire the drama in physical existence elsewhere. Some call that “going to hell”, I just call it choice in reality.  

What you call Fiction is what I call reality. To me, the box people have been living inside and believing for the last thousand years or so is the real Fiction. That universe-model of reality was a story we told ourselves for several hundred years until we all believed it for a few hundred more. Now we are waking up out of that story … and stopping making only left turns. (sorry NASCAR guys!)  

well “the standard story” seems still to partition the firmament into physical and #LaLaLand … not my thing … i’m natural.

i prefer a story of a different balance … a different drama … inner acting in symphony to outer …  virtualized egos perhaps … still anchored in what we sensually share. 

← but don’t hold me to that … i just made it up null

Utterly boring! Who would come here for such hum-drum reality? null The earth is the playground of the multi-verse … hardly a garden of Eden where we sit in harmony all day.

Life’s purpose is not to arrive at the grave in a well tended and pristine body, but to slide in sideways, totally worn out, shouting “holy shit, what a ride!”

… and if not, then what is the point of dying?

… well “harmony” was in your story … not necessarily mine.  

me, i said “symphony” … quite intentionally. 

which sure has local harmony  … and also local dissonance … nothing booring about it.   What is booring is me making up everything however fantastic the rush. 

You still don’t get how the you making up everything works. It is not the way you think it will be. It IS the way you are currently living it … THAT is how it works. The only difference is you know it, or you don’t.

You can’t make everything up. The human brain is not equipped for that. You can only write some of the general aspects of your story, or some very specific and isolated details. The rest is taken care of by higher aspects of reality … or the natural order … which ever name you prefer.

Your fight against you making up your reality is really just a fight against a ghost you imagine. The real character in both versions of the play is just you, as you are now. You are.  

well i don’t know about you,  but …

the things  i #authentically  make up  #supervene on the #facts of nature and the #facts of what is not me. 

i guess you didn’t care (or don’t believe) that your first paragraph above logically contradicts your second paragraph.

tag #WillToBelieve

They don’t contradict. That is the point you still are not getting. You are using an outdated model that makes them seem to contradict and you keep reverting back to that model even when you see beyond it for a moment or two.

Well this is what i know in this regard …

the things  i #authentically  make up  #supervene on the #facts of nature and the #facts of what is not me. 

that is the “it” that i know in the context of your first paragraph.

Those things i make up are not every thing.  … er just as you second paragraph fairly well says. 

Your “new model” is not only illogical, but does not obtain over here.

You are mixing contexts for the term “make up”, that’s all. I am not interested in communicating this way. I prefer intuitive communication. You do know what I mean, if you want to. It is not necessary to run everything into the ground syntactically.

well the two different contexts in which we make things up is the whole point to comprehend here. 

In the one we are free to make things up. null i love doing that null.

But there are facts of nature and even of others which will obtain regardless of what we believe.   We are not free to make those up  unless we break ourselves. 

that seems to me to be the point that you are not wanting to comprehend or accept.  but okay,  #RunRunAway if you cannot believe that.    

tag #WillToBelieve

Nope. There are no facts of nature which will obtain regardless of what one believes. If a fact appears to do so, it is only because you don’t actually and truly believe it. Wishing for something is not the same as believing something.

Whatever you actually believe is what actually happens, always. There are no exceptions. Even if what you believe is “that there are facts of nature which will obtain regardless of what we believe”, then you will have such an experience. Take any experience anyone is having and break it down to the actual root beliefs for that person and you will find, always, that the experience that person is having is matching the beliefs that person holds … even if those beliefs are different from yours or anothers.

You may have a stronger vibration than another, but the other’s experience cannot be pulled into the circumstances of your stronger vibration unless the other has beliefs that will allow them into those circumstances. If they do not, then reality will diverge for both of you at that point (anything from simple misdirection to seeing different things and all the way to death). Some set of circumstances will resolve the incompatible vibrations and beliefs in one way or another. Watch Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium for an excellent example of how this phenomena can play out in our world here.  

Why did i loose prividledges to write new thoughts in group politics ?   Apparently i am not a member anymore.  Is this an open group or not?  What is the password?

Appears to be a closed group. Lots of reasons you could have lost your sign in during the move. Just log in again. I am sure Mark knows the password if he want’s you in there.  

i did log in again and still do not have the pen in this group. 

#btw, could you publish a URL directly into the  phpadmin of the db ?

mark , did you change the password to group politics ?  
What is that password now?

The url for it is listed over in t&h in the Google Cloud Platform TOP SECRET document … and virtually anything you need to know about managing the domain hairs from that document.

Including the login info to use with phpMyAdmin.

Conversation forked to thought 22726

This interchange happened at #Trump’s press conference today.
CNN followed up with this statement …

(CNN)’s decision to publish carefully sourced reporting about the operations of our government is vastly different than Buzzfeed’s decision to publish unsubstantiated memos. The Trump team knows this. They are using Buzzfeed’s decision to deflect from CNN’s reporting, which has been matched by the other major news organizations.

We are fully confident in our reporting. It represents the core of what the First Amendment protects, informing the people of the inner workings of their government; in this case, briefing materials prepared for President Obama and President-elect Trump last week.
We made it clear that we were not publishing any of the details of the 35-page document because we have not corroborated the report’s allegations. Given that members of the Trump transition team have so vocally criticized our reporting, we encourage them to identify, specifically, what they believe to be inaccurate.
statement by CNN

Like i said above in bold type,  the “findings” of the intelligence community did not sound plausable to me … they had a distinct odor.  But CNN reported facts accurately as i heard them #afaik. 

#Trump is proceeding to mutate how citizens of America percieve reality.  

#LOL … well Trump has the majorities thoughts focused exactly where he wants them … dead center on the media and if the media is doing it’s job or not and which one is. Hardly anyone is focused on what Trump is actually doing or did or even any of the facts. He even has the media in a high state of defense and everyone posed on who is going to say what next “about the meida” … but not about anything Trump actually did. Nice tactic!  

i have saved the “35-page document” and will upload it here.  I suspect that it will not be available on Buzz Feed for too much longer.

attempted upload

← yielded this result. 

the file is 19.6 megs

trying again …

Okay try it now. I bumped the max size up to 20M since we have as much space as we want to pay for, and your paying for it.  

#thanks → nathan

Conversation forked to thought 22728

Here is what Buzz Feed has to say about this →


I would’t call Buzz Feed  #FakeNews  like #trump implied ...

… they publish more just political #gossip. 

Let’s face it, there is a big difference. 

Here is some more chronology of what happened (or did not) from Buzz Feed. 

Here is a NYT report that sheds a slighly different light on the subject.  Even trump acknowledged this artile in his press conference seemingly conceeding the facts reported.
The appendix summarized opposition research memos prepared mainly by a retired British intelligence operative for a Washington political and corporate research firm. The firm was paid for its work first by Mr. Trump’s Republican rivals and later by supporters of Mrs. Clinton.
… for “opposition reasearch” read “dig up dirt” … or perhaps even #MakeShitUp .

i guess we will see if this tasty #gossip will die down now, or not.

I wonder if the Daily Mail’s report that #Trump made a #sting factual or a case of the Daily Mail spinning more  #MakeShitUp.  

Well here is what Trump said at his Wednesday press conference on this “sting” …

TRUMP: Well, I think it’s pretty sad when intelligence reports get leaked out to the press. I think it’s pretty sad. First of all, it’s illegal. You know, these are — these are classified and certified meetings and reports.

I’ll tell you what does happen. I have many meetings with intelligence. And every time I meet, people are reading about it. Somebody’s leaking it out. So, there’s — maybe it’s my office. Maybe in my office because I have a lot of people, a lot of great people. Maybe it’s them. And what I did is I said I won’t tell anybody. I’m going to have a meeting and I won’t tell anybody about my meeting with intelligence.

And what happened is I had my meeting. Nobody knew, not even Rhona, my executive assistant for years, she didn’t know — I didn’t tell her. Nobody knew. The meeting was had, the meeting was over, they left. And immediately the word got out that I had a meeting.



here is what Buzz Feed says about publishing the 35 pages … thank’s mark for the lead ...

Here’s the note I sent to @buzzfeednews staff this evening pic.twitter.com/OcAloWzVzb

— Ben Smith (@BuzzFeedBen) January 11, 2017

This #PutinsPuppet scandal is continuing to gain traction even though Trump is continuing to deny it and is spinning it instead as Democrats trying to #delegitimize his election.  

Here is a summary of the status as of today that sounds plausible to me …

:   “Former MI6 agent Christopher Steele’s frustration as FBI sat on Donald Trump Russia file for months”. ← lots of details in the article from the other side of the pond  … lots of unnamed sources, …. and with many of the detalis repeated elsewhere in the news of the day. 

Then of course the big news in the story is that “Dems ’outraged’ with Comey after House briefing” .  

I still do not think that this scandel has emerged above the level of #gossip and #MakeShitUp  … but is it not interesting to speculate about what would happen if it did?

You sound like you are on a Trump witch hunt, or at least attending a which hunt event, or something. You seem to salivate on anything anti-trump. Like you can’t help yourself when the Trump Bell is jingled.

“Salivating while attending a witch hunt event” is a fair description. 

I do not like false narratives.  Trump got elected on false narratives.   There is no reason to expect that he will not run his administration on false narratives.  That he might be “brought down" based upon a narrative, false or true, is something that i would cheer indeed. 

I do love the ring of truth null.   You should know that of me by now.

Yes, but so what? That is politics. Seriously, don’t delude yourself. All Presidents have done that … I would say that it is refreshing that Trump is so obvious about it instead of diabolically deceitful and manipulative about their truth like the Clinton’s were. The most up front president in my lifetime was George Bush Jr., and even he clearly lied … he was just too simple minded not to be up front most of the time.

The American government should be as transparent as practical.   It  should be small … it does not need to dream and lead our lives … that is for us to do ourselves.  But where it does it should be positive, not negative and vindictive.  

I would have the American government lead by a spirit similar to the one that leads my life

… not the cartoon of a liar.

tag #lies

Well, firstly, the government does not lead, control, or oversee anything in your life. You do. And secondly, if you wanted something different you would have created a different reality. You either wanted this, perhaps just to stimulate your mind, or you accept this as it is offered by those with a stronger vibration and have no desire to rewrite the story within your own vibration.

And that is why I say “So what?”. Because you are not pontifying on the actionable components of this issue, but are simply rubbing your mind around in the environment you have allowed … even though your pontification has the appearance of desired change.

Well firstly i am not talking about the government leading my life.  I was obviously talking about the masses of people wanting the government to give them the American Dream and/or “Make America Great” … that is not me, come on now, you should know that about me by now. 

And secondly, “if you wanted something different you would have created a different reality” is your story, not mine.  Me, I am pretty much stuck with the America i was born into.   Most American situations are #outside of me and beyond my creative powers to make up.  Taxes are due on April 15 etc, etc.   That also is something that you should know about my beliefs by now.  

And thirdly, yes,  I am watching the drama play out vicariously … like watching a movie called “The Matrix” or recently more like watching a “Batman” cartoon.   I will not be part of that drama … i am not on that stage … i will not be investigating what narriative Putin and Trump are concocting to change the world order anymore than i would dig into how Batman flies.

So you said your “So what” to me, to do what?

I say things like “So what” because you say things like this

The American government should be as transparent as practical.   It  should be small … it does not need to dream and lead our lives … that is for us to do ourselves.  But where it does it should be positive, not negative and vindictive. 

if you want that, make it so. If you don’t care enough to follow though, then my “So what?” is what obtains. I don’t care how you believe you can make it so … the idea is still the same if you think you have to go out and rally or get into politcis, or you know that you can simply do the energy work to change your state of being and can then watch circumstances re-align to your new sate of being. Either way, “So what?” … either you are part of the change, or “So what?”.  

Okay we both know by now that is your story.

My story of your story is that you believe you are living exclusively with the assumptions in the upper right quadrant of this diagram.  That is consistent with the things that you say. 

Me i believe in all 4 quadrants. 

You can get out of your box nullnull

You keep saying “that is your story”, but if you actually read what I said, you will see that the story I am telling is everyone’s story. It encompasses all possible stories.

well you story is #ContraFactual with mine.  

But again, i can see that is why you would say if your assuption was that the other three quadants did not exist at all … or that were unimportant to yourself … to what you think, feel, and do.

My story is not #ContraFactual with yours at all. My story includes your facts as one possible arrangement … and shows how other arrangement of facts are possible too .. and thus shows how reality is much larger than the fact base you are currently working with. That is why I say you work inside a box.

Your quadrant map is really only an attempt to organize things so that the box you are using seems to apply. It is a map of your box. There are many other maps that work just as well. And my map is the one that is chosen exactly because all the other maps in our awareness fit into it. Is it the truth? I don’t believe it is. I believe the truth is beyond our human mental capacity to conceptualize. But my map is the one that gets as close to the truth as possible as we are now.

When you invalidate my map, you are always simply replacing your box for another box. You have yet never worked with my actual map. You simply distort the box you are in and call that my map. It is not.


Well you can explain it like that to yourself.

Fact is that i can not choose the date that my federal taxes are due this year except throught the agreed upon procedures of the IRS … i can not change that due date by choosing a different internal thought or assumption.  Sure things could have been different but i cannot change them now.  If you can, then please do … change it to June 15 … just to demonstrate your power null.

ps, should i send you a 1099 so that you’ll have some revenue to report?

Well that was a silly thing to choose. Yes you can change that date. I started changing that date way back in 1995 and did for many years. Several years I didn’t even bother with taxes even though I made lots of money and was paid by Microsoft. There is even a form for changing the date if you want to do it by the book, but you don’t have to do it by the book. You can simply decide what you want to do and do it. If your vibration is the strongest, that is what will obtain. Natalie does not have a drivers license and has not for many many years. She has been pulled over many times. Her vibration about not needing one is unshakable, way stronger than the cops or the judges or clerks.

These details are not important, unless you make them so. Unless you create a box where you and they are inside and must relate.

Just watch Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium for an excellent example of exactly this kind of thing, where he did business without licenses or taxes and all was well. The movie is fiction, but the picture it paints of how things actually work is spot on.  

Yeah like i said, we all know there are procedures of the IRS.   I did  that too,   I  deferred my taxes for years.  I  also regretted it … one certainly can be oblivious to the facts.   Now i am square with them … and that part of my life rings true … #insides to #outsides

The examples you give are not changing the facts … they are adapting to them.  Adaption and “working around the facts” and even “making up news ones”  is quite a different matter from the story you are telling.   I think my human ability to adapt to facts and contingencies and even make up new ones is supreme indeed.   But using that, on which we already agree,  to imply that i can change facts and contingencies that are external to myself,  by merely changing my internal beliefs,  is not a trap that i will ensnare myself inside. 

#LOL … so instead you ensnare yourself in a box. The reason you had trouble with differing your taxes for years is because you have a belief about what being square with them is. In fact, anything is possible. Any story is possible to live right along side the story you are living. You have beliefs. They create what you experience and determine how what you do will impact what happens. Your set of beliefs are not the only ones. They are just the ones that define your box.

You can keep your box, but saying that it is not just “your box” is ludicrous for a person with the knowledge and understanding you have.

I can agree to that … except i would add the word “partially” in these  sentences …

You have beliefs.  They [partially] create what you experience and determine how what you do will impact what happens.

seth & nathan

Well, if you want to use the word partially, then you fall into the trap and cycle of having to define that ever elusive line between what is effected and what is not. And no matter where you think you have that line tied down, someone will come along and show that the line is not actually right there.

The truth is that there is no line that can make the word partially able to be factually used. It is a continuum, not a partition. The reason it seems like there is a partition is exactly because your particular beliefs create a box. Very little change in your beliefs would be required to remove the appearance in your experience of the boundaries of your box … then you would see that “partially” really does not apply, except to individuals as set down by the beliefs of that particular individual as they exist right now.

I did not say it was a “partition”.   Don’t forget,  “I am a variable”. 

But wherever the boundary of what is me and what is not me is, in any one particular experience,  there is always a vastness of #otherness on the other side relative to that which is #inside me … that which i can make up.

Only because your beliefs in that moment generate such a line for you to experience. That line is never really there. If there is anything that the word subjective can actually and accurately apply to, it is just that line itself. The line between what you are experiencing as you and what you are experiencing as otherness. The is no such line in reality. Each person draws that line for themselves with their beliefs.

And, your reality becomes a lot easier to manage and enjoy when you stop drawing the line, but just deal with what is as all one thing.

Well yes indeed … the line is the line between subjective and objective … between inside and outside … it is the edge of the #duality …. it is the movable porous boundary that Alan Watts et all have called the illusion of #Ego.   That is exactly what the logical diagram is saying.   That is also something on which we seem to agree.  We seem to be on the same page with that.

That line is set not only from inside, but also from outside.  You seem to claim that you can set it from inside subjectively whever you want.  I cannot do that, i don’t want to do that, it is not me, rather i like to vary it in a practical manner in relationship to everyone else.  That is the way i have decided to live my life.

You tell me that you can subjectively, from your #insides, set the line wherever.  When i tried that my mind went #tilt … way too much #juice for me … it felt #broken.

Yes. And when you tried it your mind felt broken because you were way ahead of your time. You still had many solid beliefs that conflicted with that new model, and even more importantly, still many ideas about the others around you that caused them to react to you in ways that did not support your new perspective. Yes, it felt broken at that time.

But it does not have to feel broken. With the right support and the right cloud of others it simply becomes a more expansive reality experience. You could probably handle it fine today. And I am not saying you even need to go there. I am only saying that you don’t want to continue to think inside your box any longer … if you did, you would not have placed yourself here, talking to me. You have decided to gnaw on the walls of your safety box, and all on your own.  

Well certainly the line can be moved more easily with others who are going the same way.  That is part of my model and,  #hey we are doing it together as we speak null

… now i got to go get my chicken marinating … i will not just believe that it has already been done nullnull

Of course not. We are here for the experience of it … especially the experiences we like. And you like to cook, and eat … especially what you cooked. I however, am happy to believe that the marinating is done and that the meal, a surprise especially, will be ready when I am hungry. And so it is!

I have other excitements I wish to experience.

#CreativeNonfiction → #oxymoron = oxymoron = O2 for morons.

not at all … think about it … it is a combination of #WillToBelieve and the positive end of #MakeItHappen and #MadeUpShit .   it is when we apply just #DoIt to the facts in the lower left quadrant to the realities in the upper left quadrant … see “Outside/Inside VS Belief/Facts”.   I could even show you the edges to be traversed on a tetrahedron model.  ← just my way of #thinking about it abstractly.

but there are zillions of ways to think about it and get the same result.  …. perhaps best not to do too much thinking about it, just believe on faith that you can change reality …. and just #DoIt null

XOR if you ignore what the words creative and fiction & the prefix non mean.Maybe artistic fiction is what you were aiming at; XOR just tickling your own funny bone with #juice amusement.

Have you ever written fiction, then did a #deed, and noticed that what was #fiction is now #fact ?

#LearnToFocus – it is the writing of the fiction that is the #deed NOT the fiction itselfnull
Sounds like you have been hanging out in N’s loa belly null

#wow you got it truned around.   
  1. first one writes a fiction … or thinks it in a #thought, same thing
  2. second on does a #deed that creates facts on the ground which makes the #thought  true and not #fiction 

Yes indeed!  it is wise to keep eyes on the bouncing ball ...

You didn’t mention the 2-step process before. I don’t think of my deeds that way anyway.  #JustDoIt is a faster approach at least according to Nike

well when you think of your deeds as did #PR in his now famous, “the mind commands and the body follows”, you were thinking in the very same 2 step process that i mention above. 

If you understood what he meant or even read the book for the entire context you wouldn’t ! null THat is the entire point it is a unity.  XOR the separation is infinitesimal !

there are many ways to recon relative time and sequence of event.   How a thought and a deed get connected in a time sequence is certainly part of that magic.  

Take my “should now be famous” #BThought … it still obtains !!

 (1) i think B and then (2) my right index finger springs up.  But strangly enough now that i have done it so frequently, i can (1) spring up my right index finger and (2) i will think B.   #WhoKnew nullnull null

#btw it would be fun to thread #BThought here in this mind to bind that thought together coherantly null

tag   #thinking #doing