Potato Garlic Soup

#PotatoGarlicSoup ← for retrieval of recipe elsewhere → maybe use this one for inspiration

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maybe recipe tomorrow
(see comment for recipe)

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Sound good! I love potato’s and garlic.  

i made it a bit differently than i usually make this kind of soup.

I roasted all the vegies … potatos, onions, garlic

then blended with turkey stock and cocunut milk and added spices,  thime, salt, pepper, bay leaves, dash of cyanne

It came out good … a bit sharp with all the garlic … but denise liked it too. 

made nice stinkey farts all evening null

serving it again today with  #biscuits.

i thinnned it a bit with turkey stock and coconut milk and added some more roasted potatoes as per denise’s suggestions.

do i freeze the rest or run it tomorrow ...