You are part of my SubConscious

#Freud divided the mind into the conscious mind (or the ego) and the unconscious mind.  In this theory, the unconscious refers to the mental processes of which individuals make themselves unaware.

Unconscious mind – Wikipedia

If #Ego is (by definition) the separation
of what i am at the moment,
from what i am not at that same moment,

it logically follows that …

You are part of my SubConscious”.

And  since “I am a variable” 

#whoot, #wallaby ! null

Please beare in mind that when i refer here to

← the “UnConscious” 

i am refering to the same processess that Sigmund Freud  studied

even though i doubt that Freud logically considered the ego a container like i do when i conceptually think about ego logically.

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#sethhmmm … does this #wallaby inform (or be informed) by this train of thought #Integrity #authenticity (comment 66470) ? … and more specifically by “I can walk and chew gum

#Metaphoria is not the #ThingORama or #ActiveBeing null One can’t diagram #ActiveBeing or #ActiveConsciousness 

Consciousness is one of such distinctions you can’t draw a surface around!

Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! - M.R.

well if one can express it, one can diagram it.   some things cannot be expressed,  eg what it feels like subjectively to see the color blue.  those qualia themelves,    as you observe null,    cannot be represented, diagramed, or analized logically … they can only be experienced.

But basically if one can represent a thing and think about it, as Freud did about the #subconscious, then one can logically analize and diagram it.

Think of a time when you interacted with something of which you were #UnConscious … something that was in your #subconscious when you interacted with it …..   later did you  figure out what that thing was?   Was it part of your #BeIng at the moment you interacted with it?

Well I suppose you can draw a circle and put the word horseshit inside it & think you diagrammed something brilliant, but null. Some distinctions don’t have boundaries as I have expressed before.

Well if this #wallaby has teeth, i will need to come up with some examples.  

These kind of examples are hard to find … and even harder to express to others 
… er, because one has to become aware of what one is not aware  ← paradox intended null.  

Note the necessity to bring time into the picture. 

But #otherness and the #subconscious have always facinated me … eventually i might come up with a good one.

No need to go over again the distinctions between map and territory … between something and the expression of that thing …. or try to critize how i have represented something as an excuse not to see the thing itself.   We been there, done that, don’t want to do it again.