cloud sdk  |  google cloud platform


Yep. That’s it. That’s how you #spin googles.  

does the sdk only give me access to the gcp via shell commands?   isn’t there some way to get a GUI?

Nope. No GUI … none for Heroku or any other that I know of either. Your playing in the big leagues now. No more training wheels!  

Actually that is not totally true. Windows version of cloud software, Windows Azure, does allow you to do everything through Windows Developer Studio as a GUI. That’s what I used at Microsoft. But good luck with that … the learning curve is weeks (or a school) … was even for me. These cli based cloud platforms are 100 times easier!

ok so i got to learn the linux commands … guck

yea whatever. Once you learn them, and they are super easy, you can do all this shit 10 times faster than you ever could with a gui … even an easy gui.

Don’t make it hard. It’s not. Just a few basic commands you will ever use.