When were you gone? I never saw you gone.

ok now that is one of the kind of things that slips my mind … and yes Gertrude … it was gone in a verse i was in a short time ago null

Okay. Well that’s a clear case of verse slippage (told you that you would be experiencing it more and more  ) … because I never touched that code or anything near it or that could have affected it and I never saw it gone, and in fact have been using it a lot.

Even though I was working on gcp hosted images, that button is in the editor and only calls to the routines I was working on via an event trigger … the button in the editor code was not needed to be worked on at all. You apparently had some thoughts about that button when you knew I was working on images, or something related to that, which shifted your reality out of sync with mine.  

Stay tuned for even more such things as you continue to git more verse slippage!