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Sour grapes? 

null found via #SimonStlaurent on fb here.

The smell is decidedly leftist! 

yes i can understand that it might to you.   me, i want to tune out of the dimension of  #LeftRightism.  My nose is tuning to smell in them/us … human/in-human …  #InsideOutside … healthy/rotting dimensions.  

What does your nose smell of this in those dimensions?

#btw i have yet to actually study … #sethhmmm … i noticed it primarialy in the context of what we are doing with #ThinkingDomains.

inside-out is not likely to do the job null might be a good model for a black hole, though.

i have no idea to which “job” you refer. 

i was merely mentioning some dimensions in which i am currently  tuning my smeller.  #LeftRightism is not in the list.

KEWL! stay mystified in your own inside

well do a cross study of those two dimensions …  left/right X inside/outside … now that might be an interesting grock.   #sethhmmm  try studying it without standing on the left or the right … put examples in each quadrant … ortherwise is would be too abstract.

Topologies of klein-bottle (see above) is your latest obsession thingy – inside-out.  
The Tao is the left-right – to whatever deep you want to draw it. 
#done null

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