Look at all the Google Cloud Apps that we can deploy


My big question is why use Heroku at all … why not use a Google Cloud VM ?


Heroku is a nice model … and is much easier to work with.
Google only provides their own webserver which is not apache and there are lots of things to generalize before #TD software will run there. But I have actually been working on that this evening and am more than half done.

You seem stuck on the idea that things have to be some way however … and I am happy that they don’t have to be. I like being able to mix and match and build and munge all the pieces any which way I or anyone else want’s too. That is really nice!  Like reality … well, like everyone’s reality except mark’s anyway. He is kind of stuck in his static model.

i don’t know what it means to be “stuck on the idea that things have  to be some way however”.   i go down this path or that path and find the way things are “sticking” down that path.  null

for example, i went to #SocratesCafe and found the people already there eating dinner and so i was “stuck” with that happening. 

”My big question is” … means you are stuck on something. It wouldn’t be a big question if you didn’t have momentum invested in that thought. Momentum on a thought = stuck.  

well you make shit up … asking which path is better for some value, is not being “stuck”.  

Making things big is being invested … same basic thing as stuck. Big things with large mass tend to go in the same direction … i.e. stuck.

Your avoiding your own words … and even the energy of the thoughts that created them, because you don’t want to be stuck. But … that is the vibration you are emitting even if it is not the tune you would like to be playing. Be honest about what IS happening, not just what you want to be happening, and then you will easily shift it … if you want to.  

well it would have been more accuract had i of asked instead ...”An interesting question is ….”.    But as far as i can see you are making shit up over there that is not true over here.  Fact is that, just like you, I have no vested momentum in whatever cloud computing we end up with.   The value to consider is cheep, fast, reliable, easy to use and deploy, etc ...

Yes, you are reinventing your story. No problem … that is a good thing to do even though 1940’s tradition would have said it was a very bad thing to do. It’s great!  

I am simply reading the vibration you are emitting and supplying in kind feedback. In fact, it’s working, because you ARE shifting your story as we speak.  

no, you are making up stories null … and looks to me that you interperted my initial vibration incorrectly even relative to yourself.  …  but on the other hand … sure … my story is changeing even as we speak null


So here is a Google Cloud Platform instance of FBI running on the Google servers in Chicago and utilizing the LIVE FBI DATABASE on the Inmotion servers in Los Angeles. A little slow due to all the SQL traffic between Chicago and LA … but not too shabby as the crow flies.  


This comment was made using this GCP #TD instance.


#OMG … so live DB at inmotion … yet using google server.   interesting indeed null … not too shabby,
i #LoaSwim

a bit faster, as you mention,  to use the inmotion server rather than the one at google. 

this comment made via api-project-1076294409531 … aka #proj531 … and edited at inmotion

And maybe you caught it, but I am now also running a localhost #TD on my Macbook which is also connected to the LIVE FBI (and am in fact writing on this local one right now).

The Prime Origin is no longer at Inmotion. It is now a proper GIT repository on Bitbucket with full versioning control. This brings the #TD code up to industry standard and allows spinning an instance anytime, anywhere, simply by doing a git clone of it and connecting to whatever database you want to use. All file systems are now “read only” as that is a requirement of most cloud servers.

This is a nice advantage as I can now pull live bits right to my laptop and work on them and then push the revised code back to bitbucket where it can be pulled by any #TD instance as desired … completely independent of data flow. The thing to realize about this is that the files at www.fastblogitlcom are no longer origin files. They are only copies and if you add or change anything there it will have to go thought a git merge with the bitbucket origin in order to propagate.

Next, I need to finish an image server and then any #TD instance can be connected to an image source same as they can now be connected to a data source.

A lot of good stuff for just 3 days work into the new year! Go year of the Rooster! (even though the actual Chinese new year doesn’t start until Jan 28th … it’s the energy vibration, not the facts, that obtains!).  


Yep. In practice it is best to use a data server as close to the #TD instance as possible. But sometimes it is nice to spin up one anywhere you need, like on localhost, or in Puru, and still access the same data … that is a nice ability!  

when you say “prime origin” you mean of the programming code … javascript (and php too perhaps?) … but right now the SQL data of the posts and comments etc are still just that one at inmotion … that is unitll you move it.  right?

#gtg … back after chors.

Prime Origin is the root codebase … where all goodness flows from.

Right now FBI is essentially the SQL data on the Inmotion server (though there is a yesterday fork of it on a Google SQL sever too).

So Thinking Domain Prime Origin is a Bitbucket repository and FBI Prime Origin is currently a SQL database at Inmotion and Human Prime Origin is seth.

And now there can and will be clones and forks of any of that, maybe even seth.  

The future Image Server used will necessairly be paired with a data source by image id, and in fact, could even store images in the same SQL database as the TD data … however, that is not always practical and images could also be stored for a lot of data instances on one large image server or even a file based image repository. In theory, an image source could be relocated later simply by moving the images from one instance. I plan to use GUID’s for image id’s so that every image is unique in this universe … will make image relocation much easier, unless you are relocating from one verse to another … which I may do someday. Cross dimensional #TD’s are theoretically possible and #SeriTD would be happy to help with them.  

p.s. It is also theoretically possible to store images by author on different sources so that, for instance, an author could store all her images on her own Dropbox account … thus allowing each author to decide how to purchase and utilize their own image storage. Maybe 200m/author of images free with the #TD and then additional images have to be outsourced to an image repository of the author’s choice, free or paid, depending on their needs. Flickr’s One Terrabyte free image storage per user would be a good canidate.

#PrimeOrigin #brainstorm #future 

What is the URI of the “GIT repository on Bitbucket” … and please give me access credentials via an appropriate channel ?

sound interesting but i prefer to host the actual me,  aka → seth, on a bio server in Renton … i have it leased for up to the next 30 year term with even an option to re-up. 

← a representation of what i call “me”  to remain hosted here in a bio server on  Renton Farm temporarily until i can reliably relocate to the cloud.

← aka sum aka “Seth Russell” aka #SethRussell aka #BozoFaust aka Vidar null

just to clarify the URI to avoid future confusions in the #MultiVerse

Everything you need is still here Bitbucket accounts.

The Prime Origin Bits are in the tdmain repository.

Okay. Big decision time seth.

I have images working on gcp now. They store in Google Cloud Storage and it works real slick.

I have not been able to make that work from an instance outside Google however, because Google’s external API’s are a bitch to work with, especially the OAuth stuff. More dev time required.

So right now we could shift all of FBI into the Google cloud and continue from there. Things are ready for that. It will be more work before I have an image repository working for Heroku and Inmotion. Time to start thinking about if a shift to Google is desirable or not.  

#hmmm → New files uploaded to FBI are now being stored in Google Cloud Storage. null

Like this one …

#sethhmmm re where images & their url’s are to end up.

← snapped at gift show.   It sees that now we can buy our memes in a gift shop.

i’m going to be trying some of this out … spending some time with “thought 22693” today … things happening fast … i’ve been away for a while.

Spending time? #hmmm … maybe you mean with the concept of moving FBI to GCP? The thought 22693 itself is mundane and not worth holding meditation about. It is simply notes for safe keeping.

But the idea … the idea of moving, is tantalizing! The installation there runs even faster than the old FBI!  

yep i need more hands on experienc with moving into the cloud … that is like totally exciting.  yesterday i went to the gift show with denise … not that very exciting null

 As I have been saying, “the knowledge is spreading” … because it obtains!  

People are tired of believing in things that don’t. A fresh wind is blowing.  

… even though the actual worlds are from Buddha ~ 2600 years ago … now the underground of the general masses are starting to actually follow and live the words, not just talk about them, cross reference them, and go to war over them, as they have been doing for a very long time. You might say that the real time of Buddha is upon us. Massive change takes time.  

p.s. was so easy to find out when Buddha lived … I simply said “Alexa – when did Buddha live?” and she told me and I wrote it down. :)

good stuff null … notwistanding that buddah lied null

…er  #BuddahLied … are tag searches and references still working?

… whatever that point’s to … it is private.

no i temporarialy spelled Buddha different than nathan did.  

probably because when i tried to search for the correct spelling the tag search was so slow or not working that i had to go with just what my fingers came up with null

Yep. The inmotion server is all over the place … just depends on what the other 20 or so sites sharing this server are doing at the moment.  


The GCP billing seems to indicate, if I am reading it right, that we are estimated to spend about $8 to $9 dollars/month on SQL … but that is probably way off, since I reloaded all the data over 10 times yesterday working on figuring out the unicode issues. Still have no idea what NORMAL sql use would be at google.

maybe just for the shell machine it might cost $52.70 per month ?

according to this