The DEEP Web


The room of people watching became excited, the tension was electric. People started sneaking off to their computers, or hovering over their phones, following the pull of the deep web. I realized this is perfect click bait. It would not matter what was in the web, only that it is mysterious and an adventure to go in, and go deeper. A network of Thinking Domains could facilitate a deep web, and game the doors to enter, and to level down. And people would be contributing, expanding the depth, and creating their own doors … the web would grow exponentially, drawing more and more people in, moment by moment until nearly everyone with a free minute, and a device, had penetrated the deep web of Thinking Domains to some degree … and the brave and resilient few making it to Marianas Web TD.

scared the shit out of me when i realized that Wikileaks does not have a perminant domain … yet they can talk to us all.  i guess you need Tor to be “in the know” … to be deep enough in the web to know how to listen. 

do you use Tor … i played around with it some years ago if i remember correctly, but it was different then … maybe had a different name.  i think most of the names in your strata are changed now. 

incidentally there are plenty of connections beteeen #motility of thoughts in #ThinkingDomains and my old #wallaby about sticky cyber molecules … aka #scm … and the meme of #WeDontNeedNoStinkingDomains nullnull