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What happened to the hide comments feature?


Nothing. You never were able to hide comments in environments you do not control. You probably didn’t realize that because 90% of the conversations that you would want to hide comments upon happen in YOUR SPACE because YOU ARE GENESIS by your own decree and thus #LOA enforces your own edicts upon yourself.  

Other than that jibberish nathan – here is some facts.  I have a group choy which is my private group.  I shoulb be able to control it.  I used to have a check box on edit to hide comments & now there is none. Maybe seth can comment on that.  Where did it go?

Oh that. Unnecessary. That feature was discontinued since comments are automatically hidden when there are more than 5.

Evolution my dear MarkiePoo, evolution! Get on the Darwin train.  

Is this something you, seth asked for?

Curious http://www.fastblogit.com/thought/1864 has 100+ comments on it.

i was aware of it … no i did not ask for it.   i am testing it out … seeing if it solves all the problems more automatically that the #HideComments feature was intended to solve. 

Only problem i have with it now is that sometimes in some rooms or something it is unclear whether there even are comments.  That might be a glitch … i’ll note it when it comes around again.  Point is that it is not always explicitidly clear how to see all the comments and how many threads are there to see. 

Sometimes I have to refresh the page after I make a comment to see the comment I just made – is that another one of your features?

Yes that is one of our most famous public thoughts.  

Which brings to mind that we need to reinstate comments by guest here.  

System seems to be considerably slower than it used to be.  Sometimes only a blue line crosses the top of the page & then a blank canvas

System is just DOGSHIT slow now.

Yes, it is. I haven’t even been able to spawn a new system, which is resource intensive. Used to spawn a new system in about 10 seconds. Now it times out after minutes of trying.

Fuck you Mark. Re Hide Comments (comment 69355) … what does Seth asking for something have to do with anything? Get a clue!