I love curry ever since I had some made in the Philippians . A challenge is the ingredients. Buying commercial sauces is expensive & rarely tastes as good. This  recipe looks interesting as a better way to eat fish. 
Will let you know as soon as I find or make all of the ingredients & the dish. This website is a treasure trove of different curries .


i love #curry  too null.   once i tried to get curry leaves … passed up some i saw in the #MallOfChina but when i went back they didn’t have any … or was it that i bought them and then never used them then went back and they were gone.  i want to make this too.  i have fenugreek seeds that i got from reference tbd. 

Indian Store Chico (***) – (*  ph: 487-7288

lots of luck with the fenugreek seeds  … i believe that is an African spice … but #IDoNotKnow for sure.

ps:  in indian stores it probably goes under the name “Methi”.  Let me know if you want me to send you some in the mail … even though this is several years old.

Try my first set of curry powders came from there. They also have the curry leaves null

even the New Yorker now is telling me about fenugreek null