No need to fact check the will to believe

My comment re …

“criticisms have been made that PolitiFact attempts to fact-check statements that cannot be truly fact-checked”

I think #FactChecking should definitely only check facts that can be reliably shared by others.  They should avoid checking statements of interpertation … for example those assertions we make to the world which are #informed only by our will to believe … see  William James’s Will to Believe on Wikipedia.


← willgobelieve is anchroed here

nullthe willgobelieve maybe a new thought for some.  Woopse i spelled it wrong.   it was suppose to be spelled “will to believe” which was coined by William James …. i spelled it, “will go believe” … frodian slip … or the brilliance of my subconcious ?

Comments may well be #competition to #ThinkingDomains … can we do better for #meetup ?

There is only one fact check ever required. Check a fact against your excitement, if it fits, you can water and tend and grow it until it blooms into your experience, no exceptions. If it does not, you can let it be and perhaps it will grow in the reality of others.  

that is one way to live … with everything being relitive to yourself.  it’s not the only way.  and it’s not the way i do it.

You do live with everything being relative to your self … there is no way to do otherwise. You agreed with this once, even twice, and thrice, over the last several years. You mock me with your forgetfullness.  

you seem to be ignoring my quantifiers.  … in this case “everything” .   Obviously most of the things i (think, feel, do) i do relative to myself … just like most people do.   But not everything.  And then there is this new meme that i am running … that “I am a variable” … not sure you actually noticed it.  

#btw nathan …i am forgetfull about lots of things … but this is not the kind of thing that i am forgetful about.  you get no points relative to me by believing that my mind is weaker than it actualy is.   #lol 

Whatever. This tit for tat shit is not worth a persons time. You and Mark enjoy.

er, i get no tit for tat in what i said. 

your chalking it up to that is just you not understanding what i said.   #LOL like i was not even here.  

but i guess that is consistent with your philosophy of absolutely everything being relative to yourself null

Nope. I understand what you said. Have fun with these left turns.

well sometimes i avoid left turns … makes the day go better.  

but i don’t get obssed with it … there are other ways to be. 

and what is even more exciting is seeing that my left turn relative to myself, is really a right turn relative to some other entity.    it takes all kinds of ways for this excitement to happen.  

Currently you seem obsessed with your peculair one … and seem to be saying that everybody should do it.   But If everybody in the world was 100% just for themselves … just relative to themselves … as you say you are, it would not be a better world for me and mine.  ← or so i calculate mostly via my gut.

Nope. I don’t say everyone “should” be doing it. #LOA is a fundamental. I say “everyone is doing it” … either consciously, or not. IT – creates experience.

Someone once told Bashar “I don’t think #LOA works for me. All I have in my life is lack” … and Bashar says “It is working perfectly for you … look at how much lack you have manifested with it!” 

well we are talking about different aspects at cross purposes null