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webpage of organizer:  Improv Alive

meetup group:

Their meetup group is closing but they are continueing their facebook group.


SethToDo contact organizer to see if there is a free group meeting of #ImprovAlive in Seattle

#done → seth see email.

Julian suggested getting involved with or Jet City improv

#SethToDo book tickets.
i replied

Thanks for answering and your suggestions.   I will be booking tickets.  

I am an old man and have given up any thoughts of a career in acting long long ago.  I’m in it only for the perceptions gleaned by rubbing my outside personality on an audience for the joy of what i will grasp and whatever feedback i will get ... In it just the feel of the drama.   The professional acting world is another universe entirely.  I imagined a group where people still do that ... maybe it was long long ago in another universe.

to which Julian replied

They exist Seth!! :)

rutabagas versus civet cats ? in the context of the Ego at play?


Apparently the Ego is in play given what is hidden on this item null seth at one time (of The Ham Sandwich fame) wanted to be an actor.


acting in the context of a stage is a peculair thing for me.   it is moving my outside not necessarily  in accord with my inside.   or even changing my inside to be in accord with the script (whether written by myself or others).   ← that has been called “method acting”.  

i just don’t see that as having much to do with Wilileaks.  how would a discussion of “acting”  shed any light on #wikileaks?   If you do, then can you articularte why?

your comments re “acting” are  more welcome here, on this  thought  about  “Acting Group”.

#btw i didn’t act in #TheHamSandwich I wrote the script.

I recall you being on the stage – who was it was between 2 people. Jon Fortune was one of them. Who was the other?


It was 2 guys.

i thought Sunshine was a woman.  She was the girl in the one act play.  you might remember her as the mother of ben and that she did a bead business on the 2nd floor.  Maybe i got her nickname wrong.  After the warehouse she married Kucheck. 

seems i have forgotten her name.

Maybe I remember a practice run – it was done 2x – larry was trying to produce the whole celebration etc.  Sunshine was a nick for my x & also ty’s wife. I still remember you in one version.

okay, scratch the name “Sunshine”.

 Her name is Ellen Welch. 

nope, different girl.    Think the mother of ben … the little 3 year old boy who ran around the second floor.  she was originally married to sombody who she divorced and who moved out.  Later after they all moved out of the warehouse, she actually married Kucheck.

The one I posted married Alan Kucheck – see the page. 
Ty’s x I think you called Eve or something like that. 

yes Ty and Eve used to be married and ran the bead business on the second floor and were the parents of ben. 

but then things changed … they got divorced and Ty left the warehouse.   Kucheck and Ellen Welch used to be a couple … but they broke up.   Later after we all had left the warehouse i found out that Eve and Kucheck got married.  But then i lost touch with Eve … i don’t know if she is still on the Earth.  Anyway she was the actress who played the main character in #TheHamSandwich with maybe John Fuller. 

Watching my play being acted was certainly a high point for me.  Especially how the actors elaborated my script.

i had the part of a detective in another play that i think Karbarga wrote about the president comming to dinner.  That was a bigger production … i think it was put on at the little stage in Project Artaud.

Maybe this is Ty Hannigan →  &/or this → 

Julian Schrenzel

Jan 16 (2 days ago)
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A final hello Improv Community! Today’s the day. We are continuing on Facebook, but closing this Meetup group as of today. If you wish to stay connected and a part of this community, you are welcome to visit or ’Like’ the Seattle Improvisation Community on Facebook at:­­. This will allow you to stay up on upcoming events!

Once more on why we’re doing this (if you’re wondering):

Meetup made changes last year to their registration system that has doubled the cost of accepting credit cards for organizers of Meetups. In our case, where the cost is as small as $15, it has made the group unsustainable on the Meetup platform.

Thank you all. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason.

Julian Schrenzel
Seattle Improvisation Community