Moon Sliver December 2016 informs News Year Dinner

i set out to get some #chitlins for new years dinner but they were’nt any at the usual place.  but i sptted my #MoonSliver … going home i took a right turn to avoid a left and got lost trying to find a better view of the crecent.  ended up not sure where in the utter dark and snapped my shadown looking at #venus … the moon most likely having set.    back in the car i said to google maps,  “navigate home” and so i flew instruments back here in the dark. 

the fun part was that i got the #chiterlings anyway in the process null

Now, New Year’s Day 2017,  gonna make the Chitling … perhaps with this #recipe:  Chitterlings (Chitlins) History and Recipe

see #cornbread for recipe converging on this one.

i said all that to say that it #informed my New Years Dinner 2016

← #chitlins #cornbread and black eyed peas

… and all of that #informed today’s dinner …

a cross between Christmas Dinner and New Years Dinner

a layer of cornbread – think cornbread dressing

a layer of turkey – chistmas turkey

a layer of mayo – think #sandwich 

a layer of #CranberrySauce – think both holidays

It was #delicious nullnullnull