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Interesting, but imaginary. I believe it was used to “prove” Fermat by the winner of the prize.
It describes in algebra things which do not exist. Produce a 9th dimensional manifold in mother nature.

How is #mathematics  imaginary ? 

the interesting part for me is how topology infoms mapping … how it might inform our thinking about  #MapVsTerritory … and our thinking about how things get #represented, … how we make sense of our lives, what they do, and what happens.

without imagination what we have is
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#Bullshit !  ← Maps that describe a territory which does not exist is ! An amusing occupation for tenured professors.

rather the professors are interested in the process of mapping itself.  verifying match points between map and territory is the next stage in apprehension … in grasping.   Apprehension is good … it is our thrust … converting chaos to sense.  it is what we do, like it or not.

making imaginary chaos is not