Qualia Number 1 - aka feeding of doing it right (gw firm correctness)

As i was sorting the disches from the dish washer into their place in my kitchen i got this feeling this morning.  Then it dawned on me what causes this feeling.  It is the feeling of “a place for everything, and everthing in its place” … it is the feeling of order.

It also dawned on me that this is the same feeling that i get about something that is written … it is the same as my #RingsTrue feeling except about a deed rather than a thought. 

Other times i have mentioned this same feeling ...

mentioned that the other day in the context of a #qualia that what i actually do is right on,  but what i intend to do, or what i think i did pails in comparison.  Given time i will find the passage and refer to it here.

seth’s “About: Taking Control - comment 68952 (comment 68961)


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