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Miami says ...
To you, life would be business as usual, no different, or if different, only in those ways you seemingly created by doing, because that is the only way you allow yourself to experience change.


Actually your story is not true of me.   I experience change all the time by changing my beliefs and perceptions.  I have been doing that since i was about 7 or 8 … i can almost remember the #first time i realized that i did it.  It is a true story, about your grandmother … but i wont tell it here. 

Nevertheless  i find the most practical way to experience real change is by doing somthing.  I can remember a dramatic time where i was stuck … standing there in the world on the corner of Gary and Mason passonately desiring change and not being able to move.  Then i walked up Gary.   Thought would not have moved me off of that spot. 

← of course this is what that intersection looks like today … back then it was a different restraunt on that corner.

Well, nice try. You probably even authentically accessed such times in your experience.

But the fact of the matter is, when push comes to shove, and you are asked by the reflection of your reality to actually put it on the line, you say “it’s the deeds that count” … and have time after time … I am sure i could search for that and show lots of times. That’s where you actually go, fall back to, when you could be opening the door indeed.

Being able to perceive from this side of your locked door, I can see that it is not the deeds that count. Deeds are only the after effect, the reflection, it really is as you attempt to say above, but won’t really identify with when you are faced with naked sensory experience. It is as you say above – and all the way. It is our perception, our thoughts, that create change. Deeds always and only follow, never lead. Perception, belief, thoughts, lead. Energy leads, material follows, takes shape and substance around the already present energy form created by thought.

i am telling you that your assertion “[deeds are] the only way [I] allow [myself] to experience change ” is 100% false.  

And yes, many times my deeds lead and my thoughts follow, but not always.

i mentioned that the other day in the context of a #qualia that what i actually do is right on,  but what i intend to do, or what i think i did pails in comparison.  Given time i will find the passage and refer to it here.

i am continually surprised, even appaled, at how very little you hear what i say and understand what my life is.  The stories you tell about me reads more like Marvel Comic books … wheras my life is actually more like a Steinbeck novel.  Your stories are not even close.  Quite frankly if i could have your comic book life for me, or the one i am writing myself, i would rip up your comic book with disdane.

i mentioned that the other day in the context of a #qualia that what i actually do is right on

Yes of course. You are but a cog in the machine, fulfilling your destiny. When the bell rings true, you are rewarded for your service and dedication … having done the right thing in spite of yourself. Forever relieved of responsibility for who you are. Apparently all that just happens on it’s own, in spite of what you indented to do or imagined or thought … if what you thought was not enough, all is still well without you. You never have to fear being inadequate … you are quite safe, because what you actually do is always spot on, you nailed it, no matter what you thought or think or believe or imagine.   

That is your fixed cartoon story of it … mine is quite different … and is still a work in progress.

It’s simply putting meat on the bones you supplied. Adding obvious content to the unexamined thought you provided.

well my thought is not unexamed by me.   your story of that, which i gather you heard from Abraham,  almost certainly deals with the same edges that my qualia senses.  but that is his conclusions about it … and his concoctions ... not mine. 

Abraham? I have no idea what you are talking about. Abraham, in any form or by any name, has said nothing like anything anywhere on this whole thought. I simply clarified what you wrote. It’s not rocket science.

hmmm … well i could go look for that meme in your own words.  i am pretty sure i will find it … almost verbatim … though from a different point of view.  but no, i have not personally heard Abraham say it in a youtube.  i am pretty sure that you have heard it though.

What “meme”? I think you read something upside down.

well i will find it in several forms and you can compare.   you told the story from what you thought was my perspective on it … Abraham told it from a different point of view … but it is the same story when you drill down and “examine” it.   and, no, it is not my story of it.

Where is that comic strip about the right wing white conservative agreeing with the liberal activist? What you just did in reading what I wrote reminds me of that.

… again, nothing here is Abraham’s story, quite the opposite.

i don’t knwo … ask mark … that is his baliwick.

shucks i bet i can get it right from google images

Have fun wearing those rose colored glasses!  

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