No More Wars?

With Obama’s Fifth Colum & Unlimited Immigration & Open Borders there is really no need for wars to take over a country.  All others need to do is walk right in & occupy & vote others out .


Yep … a new world order null … maybe somday people will realize, “We don’t need no stinking countries!”. 

#OkGoogle play John Lennon’s “Imagine

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Yep – works fine until someone else forces you to do stuff you don’t like. Again one of those things of whose group you want to join or be an island unto yourself & pretend things happen by wishing. laughing Without the benevolence of the USA & what we have nowadays to communicate on the Internet this exchange would not be happening nor your attitude.

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John Lennon was assassinated BTW.  #war #NoCountries #JohnLennon #assassination null & Jesus was executed. 

so?  … their heart lives on.

#OkGoogle play my heart will go on …


yes null … #kudos → seth …. nicely played.

here is your cherished  #war  →

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Was the play a game part of the rwg ? virtual countries are around

for me it was not.  if you only realized how little i value being right or being wrong, you would know that it was not.

Yep, lots of virtual countries … #HellYes we are swimming in them null

Which virtual countries have you noticed that may have caught your interest?

i would say that any #identitygroup could be considered a virtual country.

I think you munged it away. 

i did not.

#btw … #kudos → mark for the great train of thought.   Let us not destroy it.