Taking Control

Miami says ...
Some. Whatever you can grab in passing, whatever is allowable without breaking the illusion and taking full responsibility for your experience. You can’t really truly connect deeply, fully, with others until you take responsibility for connecting deeply, and fully, with yourself first. And that means taking full responsibility for every single aspect of what you experience. Then you will be able to feel every joy, every thought, every dream, every passionate emotion coming through you flowing out into the creation of the others you experience, and likewise feel their passion, emotions, joy, dreams, and love flowing into you, creating you.


so #LOA  really IS about control.   my control, not yours.  my power, not yours. 

there are plenty of examples of that happening here in the name of LOA.

No. #LOA is not about control. It is exactly the opposite. If you listen to Abraham, you will hear over and over “it is about allowing”. #LOA is about allowing your own desires to “flow” through … without controlling anything. In all #LOA processes, control kills them flat out.

It is the people who are believing in the non-loa model that are trying to control, trying to get others and themselves on the same page by doing. In #LOA, one never tries to control. One does the energy work which matches with one’s desire, then only allows, allows, and allows more … letting the verse bring it to you, without any thought of how and without any attempt to make it so in any way. Control is what #LOA is not about … and is what the shared reality model fosters and is all about.

well i do not go with what people just say a thing is … me i go with with it is in and of itself … what does this thing do?   go look at the examples of what you do here in the name of #LOA.  Talk, models, and even thought is cheep … anybody can say anything.  me, i go with what happens that we share.

I don’t do much here in the name of #LOA, except in how I code, which is very high quality.

The rest of what I do here has nothing to do with #LOA at all, it is simply mirroring you and Mark and relating to both of you what is exciting to me to relate. I do #LOA with the other people in my life, not you.

okay, i can confirm that. 

it begs the question:  why don’t you do #LOA here?

As I have said many times, you cannot judge #LOA by watching or considering what I do here, only by the stories I tell about what I do elsewhere. You and Mark have in the contract that you have to move, in whatever direction you move, on your own, by your own volition. If I used #LOA here, that would not be the case … I would simply create you as I do all else in my experience. It took a contract between us to prevent that.

huh?   How would you using #LOA here in any way interfear with me and mark moving on our own by our own volition ?   That makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Well seth. It would happen in my experience. For your experience, it would never seem like I was creating you (not interfere, that is the wrong way to talk about it. No matter what, there is NEVER interference). I can only seem like I am creating you if you go on the other side of the door, where you can actually feel that happening in real time (like I can with Natalie and some others).

For you, it would just be a different me. For me, you would become exactly what I desired, whatever that would be. You would never have any awareness of it at all on that side of the door. To you, life would be business as usual, no different, or if different, only in those ways you seemingly created by doing, because that is the only way you allow yourself to experience change.

For everyone else in my life, I experience them becoming what I desire, and depending on their awareness, they either feel it and allow it, or don’t feel it at all. (One cannot feel it and not allow it … well, they literally can, but it would not likely happen because when one can feel being created by another it is a delicious experience no one would likely ever not allow).

Sounds great null … the question remains why you don’t do it here.

Of coure it is about control.  “Taking responsibility” for your own reality – that means the same as “taking control of your own reality”.  

And strangely enough the other side of the coin is also about control.  Allowing another to make up your story … supporting that … allowing it to flow through you.  Ahh!!  the intimate surrender to love. 

I see it from two different sides … the #duality … the inside out … and the outside in.  the breathing in and the breathing out.    The story of it … the doing of it … the feel of it.  Those sides thread thought all aspects of our personal lives as well as the life in our community.   For my #LoaSwim i want to love both sides … not narrow to just my own.

Well, you are not. There is a whole galaxy on the other side of the door that you don’t have access to as you are.

inside yourself you tell a story of another country where you have never been with the utmost confidence. 
what does it do?

Well, if I were to do just what you say, it would create that country. Then someday I could go there.

But that happened long ago now. I go there all the time today. More than here even. Sometimes I come back and play with you in your little box.  

You don’t even experience half of what most people experience. You keep the reins so tight on your horse, that you don’t even experience a carefree gallop with the wind in your hair, only a trot or a canter, around the same ring, over and over, and the few things that happen to fall into that ring from outside are the entirety of what you call new and unique. There is a whole wild world out there for you to experience if you let go the reins and opened the gate to your ring. And you would like it!

… which begs for an answer to the question:  Why have you created such a little box for me? null

It’s your to stay inside, or step out of, as you wish.

Well obviously i can step out of any box that i create for myself.  Thanks for confirming that to me. 

But that was not the question that i asked.  I asked about the small box that you seem to have created for me recently, … the one  you described so eloquently in “Taking Control (comment 69143)” above,  … to one which you come back and toy with  … the very one you refered to here in this sentence, “Sometimes I come back and play with you in your little box”.  

Why so small?  

Why not a great big one like Natalie has created for you?

… that you do not is still so very funny null over here.