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Mark de LA says ...
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Well, I am saying that even though no one objected, the point there was still to identify group members by an attribute of a person.

These Abraham groups are not like that. You either are in vibration, or out of vibration. No one polices it … no attributes are observed or enforced. If you are in vibration, you will find the others of like vibration and sync with them. If you are not, you won’t. You could physically be in the middle of such a group of people, if they happened to be physically located together (which is not a requirement) and not be part of the mastermind group if you did not have the thought vibration that matched with the groups intention. You would probably find it quite a boring party.

that is quite a story.

#btw, yes we can learn by copying others .. that part of your story #RingsTrue over here.

Seriously seth. If you are authentically interested, and don’t have a predisposed belief to the contrary, you can go online and find all kinds of people doing this. There are lots of names. The first I ran into in Austin during my NLP training was called muscle memory. But now I know, it is just a name. No one yet actually knows what real memory is, let alone if muscles have it. What I did was move through all the steps to skydiving out of a plane, with my body and imagination, while still on the ground. In the air, it went flawlessly. The instructor was amazed. Those steps of course, are one way to channel universal information.

It’s not just copying others. It is literally gaining the information directly and applying it now. You don’t even have to know anyone who has done it, only that it has already been done, to be able to do it first time. Remember the monkeys on one island who learned to wash their food, and then monkeys on other islands were suddenly doing it too? It is a real phenomena that has been well studied, and not just in monkeys. The main reason people don’t usually do this all the time is the old habit of belief about people needing to learn things the hard way, by trial and error, the belief you have.

Honestly, I forget a lot of the time myself, and learn things the hard way even today. But when I remember, and channel a skill instead, it works, every time … except for those few things I have a lot of trash in my vibration about … then I have to take out the trash first.