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Mark de LA says ...
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I tried Lotus’ recipe substantially a few days ago.  The texture & flavor was close.  I mixed in a cup of leftover cooked 11-grain cooked instead of one of the cups of flour.  I used pastry flour for the rest.  I am almost there if I can master my oven (it is off temperature-wise). The loaf came out with a hard crust the buns were very close. I also used half water & half milk. The use of other sweeteners is fascinating, I might use mostly honey with a bit of sugar for the yeast. Someday I might try Agave nectar. Not ready for pictures yet. I used just a wood spoon, bowl & kneading board. I probably kneaded too much flour in the end. The bread didn’t rise after a night in the fridge. I still like the notion of community bread baking discovered in latest issue of LILLIPOH from Warren Lee Cohen here .
Finally got the formula close to correct by doubling the H2O while using the bread machine to to make just dough.  It still suffers from crumbling which may be solved by one of these suggestions. This was bread not brioche.  Formula: 350 - 1/2 hour (rainy day)
  flour water oil sugar yeast salt eggs
    milk butter molasses      
BM buns 2.5 C 8TBL 4 tbl 2 tbl 2 pk dash 2


mark,  the </blockquote> was after the table … i moved it up.  lots of things do not go nicely inside of blockqotes.

I compared the ingredients on 4 recipes, I thought, I don’t see those tables

well the 4 rows are there as you can see now.   some of the cells are blank.  look in the HTML … they are in fact blank.  you may need to copy from the original HTML if the data got obstructed by the fork.

well, maybe I was mistaken , thought I compared more than one recipe 

you did .. there are 4 rows there … 4 recipies … only one of them is complete.   but now in this version of the table some of the cells are blank.  i have no idea how they got blanked out.   only way to get the data back  is to unveil the HTML of the original,  which you should be able to do … let me know if you cannot and i will provide instruction.  Then you can  see if the data is there.  if it is then you can rebuild the table. 

I looked at the HTML in the database. Those cells are blank. No database update would have done that … they had to have always been blank.

it looked to me that that old table got “fucked up” by being nested under a blockquote.   When i moved the end blockquote above the table, in “About: Lote made the best Brioche - comment 22903” it radically fixed what the table looked like.  The other edits i made to the table were probably just cosmetic and did not alter the data in the cells.  Apparently sombody appied some changes to the original table in the original comment … not me. 

Blockquotes shouldn’t be doing much if anything to tables, except maybe changing the font to Times.

It looks like you were trying the blockquote thing at about the same time I was adding the exclusion for the color value, so maybe you just saw my fix.

maybe.  i have seen several places where blockquote mucks with a format which is nested under it.  

just for a experienment i will move the end blockquote back to where it used to be.

ok your right … apparently the problem was just those color values …

#IsRight → nathan null

I redid the tables in hard copy in a notebook will let you know what works – batch is rising now.

yes, i’d like to make some too … let me know how it turns out.

duplicating those with today’s ingredinets is going to be qite a thing … not only that but …

duplicating how they tasted then to our aged contexts now is going to be more than twice as hard. 

don’t forget ...

you cannot step in the same river twice. 


For your piece of mind mark, everything is backed up. There is a backup of the 1.0 and 2.0 databases and I often back up 3.0. If some errant program does trash the database, the stuff you put in 10 years ago is still in the backup and essentially none of it has actually changed. The visual changes you experience looking at old stuff in 3.0 is all done with CSS … the content itself has not been changed.