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Miami says ...
That is the crux of it all, isn’t it? That has come out before and here it is again. Somewhere in your past you got this idea that creating your own reality makes you all powerful. It does not. No one I know who utilizes this knowledge is all powerful, hyped up, or above anyone else. Maybe it is the residue of that trogladite, telimite stuff you were fed as a kid. I am glad I did’t get indoctrinated to that … at least, I don’t remember it, and I am glad.


IF i believe that i can do whatever without needing to coordinate with others,  then it is a fact that i might do things which i would not have done because i was worrying about others.   Belief is powerful.    It is something that (even i null) had discovered on my own.  It is a karata master busting concrete with his fist because he believes that he can do it … it is walking on the burning coals because i believe that i will not get burned.   It is the kind of power which believing one is in control of their reality yields.  It is a great power … love it heart… when used wisely. 

But on the other hand,   i do not value freedom from the circumstances and consequencs of others … rather i accept it as the fabric of  our humanity.    Therefore I do not get all “hepped up” about not having that freedom.    That is what i meant … 

… not that stuff you made up.   i don’t know why you keep doing that … it just demonstrates to me you do not understand what i say, and your model of me is woofully deficient.   You  literally do not know what you are talking about.

The whole #troglodytes thingey in my youth certainly dramatically effected my #WorldView  and the thrust of my life … just not in the way you suggest.  It is not related to “power” or “courage”.   It is related to #privacy and #otherness. Which is another story entirely.

What was related to power and courage was #GW’s #ConstantNo .   If i wanted to do something and i asked him he would always say “No”.  It really does not matter why he said no … one could write zillions of stories about that.  What matters is that he did opposed every single personal intent … except, of course, those sanctioned by him … but those would never be the ones which i came up with.   #virgin’s solution was to do the things anyway but sneak them.

mark of course will write that memory differently … but mark’s differences do not matter to my story here … that is the way i write my memory of his effect. 

I think that may well have fucked with my courage and ability to just do things in the world for a long time in my life.  Strangely enough me thinks i am quite over it … but my solutions are quite complex and personal and i cannot put them into words yet.  

The social fabric of the world that i live in restrains and nourishes my spirit 

… it is no longer the #ConstantNo of my youth.


Yep – the new truth is #MakeShitUp & live it. You may never understand the troglodyte thingy. nathan may or not recognize similar thingys in #LOA master groups etc. of Abraham.

Then too there is politics – friends & enemies of liberals or conservative tend to keep their strategies & tactics close to the vest & less transparent.  In the end GW discarded it all ← something missed by most.

Well sure people keep stuff hidden … that grants them more freedom.   That is pretty much the way the world works … in most domains.   GW certainly did not discard keeping stuff hidden.   

What did he discard?

”may or not recognize similar thingys in #LOA master groups etc. of Abraham”

You are right. I don’t. #LOA does not draw circles around people. #LOA simply states that people are where they are by their own vibration, nothing more, nothing less. If one doesn’t want to be where they are, they can always change their vibration at any time and be anywhere else they want to be.

The troglodyte idea labels people intrinsically. That is very different.

z iz z & the projective geometry & by now the whole gbg stuff. anyway, you seth did not grock the five points of fellowship – that which defines your circle of friends. (thelemites originally)  . then too there is thought 17041 .  If you want to get nowhere join a circle of friends all of whom have a different purpose like PJ2 , Common Logic or maybe the current USA. 

null – here at fbi we have 3 very individualistic people – how’s it going? new

youtube “abraham master groups” nathan

Not the same thing at all. That is just a place you can go to practice your skills with others who have a like vibration. That is very different from believing yourself to be better than others because of where you live, what you were born into, how you have been baptized, or any other thing. Mastermind groups don’t exclude by virtue of an attribute … they simply form by like vibration and intent and that is all that is ever needed as a qualifier.

Yep, reframe it any way you want  & #SmugOff for the #BellyBellyGood #juice ! When/as/or iff you get your own group see if you are selective or how well you work with others null

The whole point of Mastermind is simply that two or more thinking at the same vibration multiples. It is not about segregaton. Either you can match the vibration, or not. You don’t join a group or get one … you hold a vibration and others holding a similar vibration start appearing.

I don’t think you listened to this lecture at all or you wouldn’t be talking about this concept as if it were like membership groups.

Yeah, some other day – my purpose today is to make some brioche .

Those who were excited to join the Choronzon Club got together & did so & did not object to the 5-points nor the troglodyte/thelemite distinction. Those on different vibes didn’t join or if destructive were kicked out. The base & only requirement was to tell the truth

Conversation forked to thought 22623

yep cults do that .  “boring” or “exciting” ? #WhoKnows – you don’t !  In today’s World it seems as if memes play out in mysterious ways. More communication maybe leads to less organization. Let some memes lead to stigma and confusing language, political correctness & jargon & #HashTurds etc. Esther has her own jargon. You blend hers, yours & bashir .