Shit pile


It is a shitty thing to do to say something sucks. Isn’t it? Not only does it feel shitty to say it … but it will feel shitty when it comes around again because you did think it, and did say it. If you want something, create it. Saying something is shitty creates more shit. So here I participate in the shit you just created. This is the authentic response to what your communication is, not flowers blown up your ass by attempting to ascertain what you actually were going for, just a real live response to what you actually did ask your verse for with the vibration you created and sent out.

Nope it is not shitty at all.  It is an honest expression of my emotion when i encounter the inability to easily delete a comment which i wrote myself and paste it where i have the right to make a comment.  Incidentally i considered what i said very carefully before i said it … it was not a hostile comment made in anger… it was a measured expression of how i honestly feel when i encounter that situation.  It has happend several times and i think it is a reaction that others will have and that the knowlede of that emotional reaction should inform the system design. 

My philosophy does not isolate me from honest human emotional interaction.   If the same kind of thing happened on a kitchen table where we were together i would look you in the eye and say, “that sucks”.   I would expect that an elightened adult would read my emotion as a honest reaction to the situation.  And if i were in error with my procedures, explain my errors to me … maybe there is a better way to approach the situation … maybe i dont know that and you do … ok explain it to me.  Were you to do what you have done here and question my honest emotional reaction, i would think you were just a jerk and running some other kind of game on me for whatever personal adgenda that you have.

Well, seth. I dont seem to have any trouble moving your shit or mine. I haven’t touched the system. Apperently your verse is different … and I allow that, it’s okay.

can i move this shit …

nope i wrote it .. but i cannot move it.

but i could delete it and copy it right here.

Well, the only thing I cannot move is top level comments that are not on my stuff. That’s what I expected in my verse.

now this shit i should have been written on one of marks thought.   … i can delete it from here … and rewrite it on his thought.  but i cannot pick it up from here and simply paste it there. 

Your loco … because that is what I did to start the comments on this thought. I copied and pasted a 2nd level comment that was mine, from a thought and 1st level comment that was yours, to this thought. It having a 3rd level comment that was yours inside it.

yeah obviously because you have more rights to past on your own thought.   for me to do something like that on your thought i would need to delete it (if i had prividledges to delete my own comment) and then rewrite it where i wanted it to go.  that seems to be the way #SeriTD has this “loco” logic working.

You don’t believe you can delete your own comment on someone elses thought? Really?

I do that a lot.

well if you can write a top level comment … in my verse i expect that i could paste one there too … pasting being just another way to write.

Pasting allows one to put together trains of thought that were not actually said there. So no, one should not be able to just paste anywhere they can create. One should only be able to paste where one owns the greater context. Otherwise, one must say it there.

i.e. If you are going to rip up something, you can only put it where you are the clear creator … you can’t rip stuff off of somewhere and make it look like it all was created on something of mine, or Mark’s. Not easy peasy anyway. You have to take ownership of it by system copy and paste. THEN IT SHOWS THAT YOU CREATED IT INSTEAD OF SOMEONE ELSE, WHO DID NOT ACTUALLY CREATE IT THERE.  

That is why I fork things. Forking maintains the full trail of creation. Shows who created it, and where, and then allows one to move it along under a new creator. And forking is super easy to do.

There are some shortcuts taken to make it easier to adhere to the golden rule of thinking, because some situations are too complex for #SeriTD to untangle at this time.

But the golden rule for thinking is very simple … the one saying it should be the one known to have said it where they said it. The TD clipboard tries to give you freedom to move things without breaking that golden rule, wherever it is smart enough to do so.

If you find a case that can be easily known in all its variations and it does not work this way, let us know … will be gladly added, unless you suck that day … which is about your vibration, no one elses.

i usually can delete … what i can not do is paste where i already have prividledges to write.

see below

ok well we just disagree.  your priorites on authorship are different.  my theory is that you designed the system to defend againt somethin that rarely happens … and when it does should be dealt with socially at a higher level and not enforced by the system. 

i seee pickup and paste as just the authors prividledge to put what he says in the context in which he wants to say it.   it is just a convenient way to delete and write again.   as such the only restrictions is that he wrote it, and that he can write where he wants it to go.



Actually it has grown from quite the opposite direction. I have noticed, in mirroring Mark, the kinds of things I would willingly do back to him. And now, I can’t. I have been rerouted at virtually every turn that I would have done to Mark … ending up forking in the end … which is a nice way to keep it clear who is who’ing who. By being an asshole, Mark has made the system keep it nice for everyone.

Shit pile (comment 68760)

It’s not that simple … unless you are moving only your own content though and through … which perhaps is not always allowed … as I said, if you come up with a particular case where the logic is easy to know and it is not being allowed … don’t “suck” it, create it.

wow … the logic seems so simple to me.  

If you wrote it or you have prividledges to that thoutht, then you can put it on the clipboard.

if you can write in a spot, then you can paste the clipboard there.

ill be back later … gotta go play with my lenses.

Suppose you and I write a whole thread about the merits of homophelic butt fucking, in context, on a thought that was perhaps a joke, or in some context where it makes total sense.

Then one day Mark pisses me off and I go move that whole thread to his thought on Trump.

Sorry, not in my reality. That would suck balls to be able to do that to others thoughts. If we are going to keep this all clean, and truly not allow graffiti (Marks ideas of what graffiti is notwithstanding) then we will not be in a position to blast tons of graffiti onto the thoughts of others.

As I say again, if you come up with single instances that are clear and we don’t cover them, then speak up about that instance. If you wrote it is not enough by itself. Where you wrote it, in what context, and who else has responded in that context, is just as important as that you wrote it. Once you have mixed your ideas with the ideas of others, then they are now a joint idea, no longer just yours.

As I said, on numerous occasions, in the heated passion of Mark’s abusiveness, I would have done things … actually tried to do them, and couldn’t, because the system is keeping us honest … brilliantly! Perhaps a bit over zealously in a few cases, and that’s where you can speak up. But it is not just because you own something … that is not enough in many situations to curb wholesale abuse. In those cases the fact that you must go though the extra gauntlet of creating new information is good … it gives one a few moments to get back in touch with their real guidance system and consider what they are about to do. And that is very harmonious and synergistic and even forward thinking … this is a brilliant new age system!

And don’t underestimate or forget about forking. It is absolutely brilliant. It allows one to easily move absolutely anything they want, of any kind, in any context, and maintain the harmony and needs of everyone involved while showing the true history and contextual changes with bi-directional pointers. Forking is the ultimate way to move a comment anywhere and continue it in perfect harmony and without the ability to abuse. Forking is the tool to use when playing with others. Copy and paste style moving is mainly there so you can easily organize your own things in your own space … not as a tool to organize the complex interactions we have with others like forking does.

#HellYes there a lot of things like forking and back rooms and many more that have enhanced our dialogue here allowing it to become deeper … even with the effects of hostile intent. 

Thing is … like you say …

Once you have mixed your ideas with the ideas of others, then they are now a joint idea, no longer just yours.

nathan & #RingsTrue → seth

… but the mixing never stops.  There is no point at which one should say, “ok now, no more mixing”.   So that me moving my contribution to a place where it is more in context is just part of the mixing going on and should be allowed.

When a group of people, or even just one person, determins that another is actually trying to obstruct the work, is shitting on it, then we should have a way to exclude just that person from that particular work.   We pretty much have now  with the settings which do not allow comments from others.

We should not make moving and mixing and changing together difficult in defense from hostile intent … rather we should have a way of just excuding it. 

Yep George Carlin did a bunch of stuff on shit → fresh copy here:
Generally when I use the word it has nothing to do with feces . It has a lot of other meanings → some here.
XOR learn to elevate your dialogues.


i do not know how that connects to this context … which #btw #imho , was  mis named “shit pile” null

So then stop treating things with content by others as just yours, especially when another owns it. You chronically do that, as if FBI is your personal space. You can manage your own stuff any way you want. You can contribute to others, not manage, contribute. And if you want to do more than contribute, you can fork into your own space in several different ways depending on the result you want. It is a very clear and very understandable and safe and well balanced line.

i really do not understand what you are saying here. 

FBI is my personal space.  It can also be the personal space of others.  This is where minds can mix and mingel and connect.  That has alway been its intention.

How specifically have i ever infringed or obstructed the thoughts of others here?

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