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I say what is exciting to say and know it is the best thing I can do.


you may realize that i frequently get the same feelings about what i actually say and do.   This is kind of a different topic … something that i have been going to blog about.   I frequently get the feeling that what i actually do is absolutely the best thing that i could do.  Same goes for what i write or say.   That is to be distinguished from what i think i will do, what i intend to do, or even what i think that i did.  This is a distinct qualia that i get about what actually happens that i do … my deeds.

It might be similar to the  one you get … but since you believe you connect your thoughts to your deeds quite differetly than do it, i think the your qualia must be quite different.


woopse, i tried to move my last #btw comment into a new train … looks like i ended up wiping out the whole dialogue.

oh i know what i did wrong … i clicked fork instead of clicking copy.   that is what made this thought here.

anyway, nathan, #SeriTD not allowing a person to move their own comment sucks from my point of view … it always obstructs what i want to do.   I should by all rights be able to move my own comment to wherever that i can make a new comment.