PJ2 - DE

only ones in the name list of voices I recognize but did not listen to are Rosie the Radiator & Harmony. Not easy to get to them yet!


They even mentioned John Fuller’s space.

i obviously remember Rosie the Radiator.  I didn’t see Harmony on the list.   I remember the name, but cannot tie it to a person yet. 

I thought Harmony was the Human Jukebox’s friend.

oh okay … yes i remember the human jukebox and his gf Harmony.   Was she mentioned as still being at #p2 ?

#OMG now i remember i was going to do the human box trip too …o i think i was going to be a bozo fox box … but i can’re remember the details of that … it never actually happened … er, did it?

nope! there is a list of the names in the “voices” in the piece