i am ok ... you are not ok

Seth says ...
I am still using this old model of human behavior.   It works every time.  If you talk down to someone they will never hear you.   If you find them in fault, and tell them, they cannot hear it.   If you are in the right and they are in the worng, they will never accept that ... ever.


This is only true for inauthentic people. People who are running on thought habits, instead of authentically generating thoughts from excitement.

I know quite a few people who have migrated to be able to hear their faults and experience them and consciously decide if they like that as part of their current experience, or not, based on if it feels exciting! Not on if it is about them, uncomfortable to hear, or any other habit pattern. Simply on “how exciting does that behavior feel to me right now?”  

Someone finally discovers the #RWG ?

well i assume that you are an authentic person.  it predicts what you will say like a charm. 

glossary of N ?  #inauthentic = wrong ?

Yes. You seth, and mark, love to point out my faults from your perspective. For the most part, I run each one through my excitement test. Roughly 1/3 of the time the pointed to behavior is not exciting and I simply change it on the spot. I don’t tell you about it, I just do it. When it turns out to be exciting however, I sometimes emphasize the behavior, really get into the exciting feel of it.  

You call that whatever you want. I am not judging myself. I am relating how others in my sphere do not match your statements above, but I can see a large section of humanity that will match your statements … and all of them are not guiding themselves by excitement.

yep pretty much the same thing as #RWG … Berne’s model also shows how to get out of the loop.

#glossary of N ? #excitement-test = right ?

i think #PR dealt with the significance of “others in your sphere” quite pointedly in his recent podcast, “Mind creates false self worlds” … he makes the point twards the end of the tape.

Please elaborate a bit.  Perhaps you are saying there are others – it’s not all just you? eh?

Isn’t Berne just left with Freud’s parent-child-peer model? In a sentence how did he suggest getting out of it?

IMHO, the only way out of the #RWG (MH’s model) is enlightenment – (perhaps flying out of the the selfie into the light) 

Naaah … i say “there are others” all the time, it is true … but that is not what Peter was talking about twards the end of the tape. 

Really Peter said it far better than i,  it’s short, listen to some of the last examples.  He may even have said it explicitidly – like in the title of his piece.  But it is not the kind of thing that an avid Abraham follower wants to hear.

can’t remember it? null it’s one of his longest podcsts

i cannot remember his exact words … but like i said, the titel of the podcast contains the message, 

Mind creates false self worlds

his examples went to illustrate that point … eg the various martial arts groups.  specifically  in-groups foster those false self worlds.   In the Kennedy years an awareness of this emerged in politics as well … goes  under the banner of “Group Think”. 

i.e. also BofNK – Part IV – Creating self null (nb . I use the term selfie to align with the new agey crowd)

the way out of the loop is to respond with something other than as a parent to a child … even thought that is the stimulus from the other.   Respeond even … adult-adult … or even parent-parent … or maybe even child-child.   But cross responses will (almost) always elicit the same in return. 

So Trump VS Hillary is what?  Adult-Adult? Child-Child? Parent-Parent?  null
Include their supporters in the question as well.

i think englightment is an entirely unrelated subject.   this is about day to day interpersonal interactions.  for example GW … remember your parent-child transaction with him … and that man was called enlightened.  i remember you and him screaming at each other … eye to eye … across the dinning room table.  ← that memory is burned in my being … especially GW facing you down.

Must have made an impression on you & not me.  Maybe the cosmic view was that it was an experience for you. I remember another time with you turning your other cheek which stopped GW from hitting you again. 

well any “I am ok, you are not ok” is considered Parent-child.  It is just a different way to name the kind of transaction.   It does not imply anything about parenting.   If i am right and you are wrong, then that is “Im ok”, “You are not ok” … I am right, you are wrong.   All of politics is of that nature as you yourself have observed.

p.s. “enlightened” may or not correspond to what you would label it or your story about it. null
PR in the podcast was that we #MakeShitUp rather than learn & become – need to shed the selfie (a heavy burden to maintain) ← an enlightening experience!

yep turning the other cheek is also a way out of rwg.  that might be more like aligning with the other’s direction of the transaction.  in other words responding to P-C as C-P … soo no crossing.  i don’t know … havent thought about that … it is a bit mystical.

i think if my ego (selfie as you call it) is very porous and variable, then a “the other is ok, but i am not” transaction aimed at me will not elicit the knee jerk response … and i will not feel it as a threat to my ego.   Sure, one could call that a kind of “englightment” … is that what you mean?

too porous for me .  Went chasing in RS & got this – more exciting for me. In some places he draws diagrams with slanted lines instead of solid perimeters . Such enables one distinctions without & within a larger cosmic context. Much later, perhaps. thumbs up
p.s. when the news grows to 37 like it is as of this writing I get lost & unexcited. It would be better for me if I could dispatch from the list those I have answered, but alas it is still as it ever was. I wish I could dispatch the entire list. Am marking them all read now anyway as an objection to them. Imagine if there were even 4 or 5 active at this time null – still not productized except in the minds of the developers.

#sethhmmm … The Being of Man and His Future Evolution looks quite interesting in the context of #LoaSwim’ing.