Watching our indexing at Google

Miami says ...
#btw seth, have you verified your site with google search console lately? You have to be logged into google to do it, so I can’t for your sites. If the search console reports errors, things won’t be indexed.

You can also directly submit the sitemap location in the console for quicker response. 

FBI site map is at. 
Okay, very good null.   I verified my ownership and submitted the sitemat.txt and now am awaiting the results below ...


2 mid level primes with no elemental spirits. 
null that is a #first time i have seen such a situation.

This page is the first result.  It appeared as a message after i submitted the sitemap.text.   I am not sure it is visaable to others, so here is a snapshot …

The only thing that it looks like i can do immediately is #4  and maybe consider #3 and of course learn more about #6 … i will do that when i get a moment. 

Do you have a link to your console where I am allowed? A share link or something? When I go to the console it shows my sites and if I try to add FBI it simply asks me to verify the site is mine by adding the verification file again. Must be some other way.

try again, i must have added you in the wrong place.   this time i added you under the manage properties of fastblogit itself.

Okay. Yes, it is there in mine now. As suspected, still pending … the bots table shows that google bot has not been by yet and I wanted to verify they agree.  

i wonder why it is talking so long … and suspect something else may still block it.

Nope. I have used the console before. Sometimes it is a few hours. Sometimes a few days. They say that in the instructions. Just depends on when the bot is free to run your site and how important your site is in the rankings.

It will run the site and if there is something else, then it will report that to you to fix. Then you can wait another couple of days to see it, etc.

Google bot crawled 247 thoughts in the sitemap last night and updated the search console, which is showing no errors.

The google bot did not try Will the GoogleBot index this thought?.

I have no idea why Google Bot did not do all 2000 … maybe it just got board from the repetition and rwg here and moved on.