Will the GoogleBot index this thought?

Is “This very unique peculair thingey” indexed at google?

google This very unique peculair thingey

wait for it … wait for it …

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I am not going down this rabbit hole with you. What was happening was horrible. It caused massive slowdown of the site and choked bandwidth and many other horrible things. Since we regulated bots, the site has been much more stable, not just for FBI, but for PlayNexus and SpeakToMe and the rest.

You are about to mount your high horse. But you don’t have to. Lets see what you have learned. Everything you ever could want is available to you … and you decide what is in your story. Crusading won’t get you closer to it though, wrong story.

So back off. Stop whining. Get your head on straight (meditate for an hour for instance, or go to the beach), and come back with an open mind and a genuine interest in what you desire. Then, the world is at your fingertips.  

Well we do need to control which bots are allowed in and what they see.  We don’t want them to indix stuff where it is flowing.   But they must see all public thoughts and the dialogue on them.

Start addressing the problem itself.  Pushing your #LoaAgenda is not going to solve this problem.   This is not about me, or  how i am not thinking the way you want me to think.  This is about our thoughts (and those of other potential thinking domains) being public on the web.  Nobody in their right mind would lease such a domain from us. 

Be honest! … you are using this thing that you know that i want to leverage your own agenda.  Your agenda is to effect changes in me.   You are acting to guru me against my will … and to the deriment of our common goals. 

I’m #done. Try again. And get off that fucking horse!

You can see what a bot sees by putting ?bot=1 on the end of a thought url (only).

Example: http://www.fastblogit.com/thought/22567?bot=1 


good to know null.   perhaps the bot just saw that today and has not actually put it in search results, because i cannot find it there.

You won’t until tomorrow. We only just now added the sitemap.txt file to be auto generated whenever a thought is added for the last 2000 thoughts.

Sorry. It is up to Google Bot to remember old thoughts and thus find new comments on them (which it probably does). We don’t update the sitemap when comments are added … too expensive.

null … like i said yesterday … wait for it … wait for it.  

I used to do a lot of the googeling around to find out what a item looked like when it got indexed.  I use it particularly to find if others had used the same phrase that i had.  I learned it from #arron on in his chat IRC channel.  We used to play with that kind of coining.  It was a great game.  It is a way of comparing the  language of my thoughts to the thoughts of others … part of communication.  

#thanks → nathan

I accept your thanks. Truly in addition, you got off your horse long enough for your verse to deliver what you had been thinking. I was only the random means at the moment that your verse decided to use … or not … some of this is not me.

okay, you’re welcome null.

Philosophically, my theory is that you are projecting your experience on to me. 

From my point of view it was you who got off the high horse and delivered what had been thought about.  My thinking or attitude did not change at all.   But it sure felt good to see it #done. 

Now of course was it the thinking about you doing it that i did yesterday #inform your excitement to do it?   ← which is a very hard one to figure. 

#btw seth, have you verified your site with google search console lately? You have to be logged into google to do it, so I can’t for your sites. If the search console reports errors, things won’t be indexed.

You can also directly submit the sitemap location in the console for quicker response.


FBI site map is at.


Nope. I simply did other things this morning, including swapping out 4 air conditioner outlets for heavy duty ones in a rental trailer.

When I came back, I noticed that you were off your horse and most of the dust had settled. You were still standing near your horse, but didn’t seem to have the energy to get back up on it again … so I simply upgraded the indexing a bit.

What evidance did you have that i was “off of my” allegid “horse” ?

Me, i was pleasantly surprised by your actions.  I did not do or say or think anything differently that i had not already done last night … except to start talking about the task at hand, rather than what you were doing outside of that.

Your vibration.

specifically please?

The complex set of frequencies you were emmiting representing the thoughts you were having.

specifically please.

Can’t get more specific. I don’t have a diffraction meter for human vibration to break it down any more than that. Somebody will probably invent one someday though, since I just imagined it.  

okay, we can just let that go … or we can look at it in finer detail and perhaps learn something.  It is an excellant example of an actual change.

But i have no agenda about doing that one way or another.


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