Socratese Cafe Wednesday at Luther's Table

We covered taking more control of our news media
as in Taking control of our media
freedom, consciousness, political correctness
and whether Santa needs liability insurance
or drones



”Taking control” of “our” media is what China & the Old Soviet Union & the Norks still do. Throw in Iran as well.
I watched episode 9 of “Bull” last night w/ T.   There was an analogy in it of how rumor, twitter & news painted the defendant as guilty even before the trial. 
I know of only one benign way of taking control & that is by selective watching & selective consuming; educate yourselves don’t just follow twitter feeds & Internet social media. The current attempts to delegitimize Trump’s win of the presidency is so putrid that HRC corruption uncovered by Wikileaks is not even talked about. Yet the source of the hacks is all the news there is. There would have been no need of any of that had HRC surrendered & made transparent her government behavior & that of boss & her & Bill’s foundation. 
Brilliant minds here should discuss how to make government transparent thought 19043

BTW the term → “October Surprise” did not originate in 2016. null

Note just found Quora – an interesting Q&A platform ~ been around for 6 years. Got to it via Drudge anchored in the link → GOOGLE Employees Lament Corporate Culture… null

One interesting link (**) relates to social media & our wants . null

An interesting #Quora is this → on #LOA null

Yep people taking control of the selection of where they put their attention (#SelectiveSpending) is certainly part of “taking control of our media”.  And educating people to do that … people learning to think and select for themselves.   That informed the conversation last night.


Do you know that your rail against the russian hacks is echoing the partisan propoganda right out of #Trump’s mouth?

What is selecting that media for you?

They are echoing me. They just have a bigger megaphone.  I have wondered ever since the failure of the left to accept the election results why the wikileaks thingy focuses on who hacked rather than the content uncovered & the destruction of evidence.  Anyone else would have been in jail by now, Trump includes (or especially). null

okay … you’re not drawing me into a partisan fight on this …

i am trying to see this from above that … therefore i can not emote about those partisan details. 

It seems to me to be a shell game where moving the shell around is more important than the pea.

it’s about becomming aware of the water in which you swim.

doesn’t apply to anything on my side of the tracks. null nor does it make sense. Attempted put-down or mismatch? rejected.

nor are the details of an #Egoo fight between me and you about the media in which we swim.

… er, unless of course, that egoo fight is the most important media in which we swim null

#done – the pool you swim in may be circling the drain.null

… but an #Egoo fight between us mark, is not the most important media in which i am swimming here. 

#thanks for being #done with that.

You have created one by your own behavior where there was none before. Your context & swimming meme had nothing to do with me.  You own the #Augs – not my doing.null

The “context of swiming in water meme” is about the media in which we swim.  

That IS the topic of this thought in our context here. 

You are free to join that conversation or be #done with it just as you like.