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Seth says ...
Well null #OMG #HellYes i have “a dynamic ability to focus on whatever” and so i choose to focus on that which is exciting about this thought.   I like this new phrase you have coined “google a dynamic ability to focus on whatevernull.


The #GoogleBot used to see these comments and index them.  Now they are not being indexed by Google.

anyway nathan, reporting this fact is the primary reason i forked this thought here.

Perhaps focus  (& associated adjectives & adverbs) is a property of a #CenterOfConsciousness although this AM it occurred to me that consciousness may not reside anywhere. It may be one of those weird distinctions like nothing, space, infinity, I, now etc. 

i don’t think there is a “place” associate with #conciousness … so to your question, “does it reside anywhere?” the answer would be “no”.

I think consciousness is what we are doing now … literally.  You wrote the above thought, and i thought it too, and then responded to it with what i am saying now.   That is us being conscious.

Maybe & yet that still is your opinion. Is it your conscious opinion ? Maybe it is just a #KneeJerk opinion born of the frustration of NOT finding some other way more definite to describe it & more provable & demonstratable. Maybe a #HashTurd is just one of the #ConsciousnessCenters .

Well i thought it.  If my thoughts can be called “opinions”, then it is my opinion.  It was not a #KneeJerk response, i have thought that same thought many of time … your thought provided a perfect example for me to publish it to you.  I do think it describes what is happening around this phenomena that people call #consciousness.  

We can examine the example further and note that when i heard your comment, About: How some Losers play the RWG - comment 67990 - comment 68201 (comment 68204), above, it felt good.   That feeling had a quite distinct sensation.  In this instance that was the #qualia of the consciouness that we are doing now. 

You wrote the above thought, and i thought it too, and then responded to it with what i am saying now.   That is us being conscious.

Nope. Consciousness may peek through there sightly, but for the most part, that is quite unconscious. Just thought momentum.

There are many aspects of this thingey that people call #consciousness .   I did not mean to imply that my reduced description captured all of the many aspects of the thingey.  But had nobody responded to my thought here, then we would not be being conscious of it right now.   The process of our  mutual awareness is an essential part of #consciousness, for without it there would be no consciousness.

Perhaps, but just because there is mutual awareness does not mean there is consciousness.

Just because you have a feeling about some thought does not make it true; nathan notwithstanding. Lots of people have feelings about thoughts – see my recent post Fake News or Advertisement - PC Meme Spreading & Political Correctness . Maybe even master the word demonstratable or describe how you have satisfied it with your opinion(s).
… gotta go 

As P D Ouspenski once told a story about one of the initiate schools he attended. By using various techniques, they succeeded in making a sheep conscious. A pupil of his asked, “what did you do with this conscious sheep?”. He said, “we ate it”.

Consciousness is a state of being. It is useful for various things. It is not required or necessary to be alive or to be human.

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#Consciousness is a state of interaction.  As such, yes, it is a “state of being”.   Take away the interaction part of that state, and the state eventually dissolves and/or decays.

No important.

It is very important.  Without google indexing all of our public thoughts, they are isolated from the web.  Being integrated with the web is what i am excited about.  It is very important to me … as well as anyone else who might want to purchace a thinking domain.

i would very much prefer comments be indexed as well … just quite because here they are suppose to form an intergral part of the thoughs in a thinking domain.  ← fear of spam notwistanding.

but i doubt that even the thoughts themselves are being indexed.   but we will see in “Will the GoogleBot index this thought?

Also notice that a dynamic ability to focus on whateveris the unique phrase that should be indexed and be at the top of that search …. and it is in the body of a public thought.  Now over 24 hourse later it has not been indexed.

now on top of your news nathan

If you want to know if google bot will index that thought, then see if it is pointed to by the home page tag cloud. That is where bots are allowed to find thoughts.