Mini-Cast Episode 28: Integrity with yourself. - comment 68040

Miami says ...
Any size group of people can participate in a common endeavor where each person follows their own excitement. It works very well


I think that works well … IF ...
(1) the individuals in the  group already have a strong bond
(2) they share the same source of excitement. 

But if people are excited about different things … some of which may even  contradict each other … and the group is not already cohesive enought to overcome those contradictions, then i doubt that much of anything will get accomplished.

There is only one thing they must share. They must all have excitement related to the goal. That is it. If any one of the group looses excitement about the goal, then that person will automatically move toward what is now exciting to them. In general, that will matter not because others in the vicinity may be discovering their own excitement in the goal. That is usually what happens, the group grows, not shrinks … because people working together by following their excitement are exciting people to be around and a natural nucleus for others to be attracted to.

okay that hangs together well.   basically you are agreeing with (2) and creating the bonding of (1) by assuming the  context of an open group where people join and leave.   The common goal (or source of excitement) is what creates the bond itself (untill it doesn’t) for each individual.

Yes, that is true. Otherwise it would not be “by excitement” but rather by contract or agreement like #PR suggests … or some other system entirely. By excitement automatically assumes it is and remains exciting to a group member, that is implicit in the method.