Mini-Cast Episode 28: Integrity with yourself.

Mark de LA says ...
Mini-Cast Episode 28: Integrity with yourself.


Well now, I agree mark. To have contracted relationships, or to participate in activities with agreements, one must have the integrity to keep the agreements.

What #PR does not talk about here is that such mechanisms are not the only way to proceed. There are many ways, another being following excitement. Any size group of people can participate in a common endeavor where each person follows their own excitement. It works very well. IMHO even better than the agreement and/or the contract methods. I have participated in quite a few activities this way and the outcomes almost always exceeded expectations by quite a large margin.

Prove it!

Prove what? Simply do it, that will be proof enough if you do it authentically.

If you don’t know what then your statements must be empty – do what? null YOU demonstrate it.

Take any subject and authentically follow your excitement. Your experience will excel. If you do it in a group with a goal, then the achievement of the goal will most likely exceed the groups expectations. Of course, one has to develop the ability to authentically identify their own excitement before they are ready to participate in a group this way.

But yes, I have done this. I have proved it to myself. It works. I have witnessed numerous times now how a group can have a goal, and no leader, no agreements, no structure, and simply by each member following excitement, and nothing else, the goal gets met with expectations exceeded.

Anecdotal evidence only ! People claim to talk to God that way.

Again, this is not something you need evidence for. You can generate your own evidence. You can simply do it and observe the results. If you don’t get the exact results you are going for the first time, myself, or others, can help you adjust your technique.

It is no different that proving that you can spell. Even if you see others spelling, that proves nothing about your ability to do it. You have to try to spell, and if you don’t get it the first time, you have to adjust. I taught both my daughters to spell using Grinders method of holding the spelling cards up an to their left (in the visual memory zone) … they are both awesome spellers now and Terra even won a spelling bee in school.

This is something you have to do to prove you can do it.

Again bullshit has the same smell. 

Yea, well you could say that about spelling too couldn’t you? Anyone can claim something is bullshit. Anyone can say that something is not so. Only those who try and succeed can say something is so.

There is evidence for spelling in the dictionary & spell checkers. I probably would not care what you do for your own methods except you continuously reframe most of what I say into your #AlreadyAlwaysListening of #LOA – such is boring. 

I call things #LOA that are #LOA. And only things I have already proved so by doing myself. Can you say the same for your system of understanding your experience? Whatever that system actually is since you won’t talk about it?

There is no evidence for how you spell, only that you do. In the same way, we know that groups can create things and achieve goals. We know that one way is a hiarical structure and agreements. We can’t prove how they are doing it though, at least, not at the individual level. But each individual can know how they are doing it. And so can you. You can do it by following your excitement and see it work.

#Shoosh …… I’m not pushing anything. I have no pony in your race. 

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