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The fact is that some people like to gather – some to a synergy of individuals & collective enterprises to achieve their goals …

Absolutely null.

Just like our individual egos, groups create the perdicament in which we can flourish.   But just like our egos they can become set against each other in a viscious mirrioing game of loose-loose.    The trick is to notice when that is happening and adapt our beliefs and feeling and actions to get back to #synergy. 

 mark added the  following to the body of my thought ….

 nullThe other fact is that you seth just called it a trick!  Folks, my response at the head of this trail was you maligning parties – just people gathering together to affect the changes they want in the political-economic domains.  What is more wonderful is for the bottom of such pyramids to be in close connection to the tops of such pyramids at all possible levels without it costing 1.2 billion dollars to achieve the connection.

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Well my calling things “a trick” is a common manner of speaking that just implies that this is the thing to do to solve the problem.   Don’t take it as a negative … it is like opening a secret box that has been designed not to be opened without thought … one works with it, tries this and that, then finally one finds the trick to opening the box.  #shucks i have used that common way of speaking so much now, that it is strange that people still read something sinister into it.

I do not malign parties in so far as they are synergistic groups in the way you have so inspiringly described.   But i do notice when the group itself becomes something that starts working in the opposite direction and becomes just a gang which functions only to sustain itself.  It is just like the  #Ego / #Egoo  #duality in that sense. 

Discussion here need to be separate and above the partisan concerns in the American government.  But my opinion is the democrats & republicans have become so entrenched in sustaining their dominance in Washington that they can no longer function for the American people.   That is just one example of a group clotting and diverging from a useful synergy. 



The trick is to follow your excitement, always, no matter what is happening, no matter what the situation, no matter how logical it seems. That will always produce synergy. Always.  

Yep – trick : 
38 deceive v.fooldupemislead
34 stratagem n.deceptionplanruse
34 artifice n.cunningdeceptionplan
34 ruse n.cunningstratagemploy
33 swindle v. & n.foolcheatdeception
33 fool v.dupecheatdeceive
33 hoax v. & n.fooldeceptioncheat
32 cheat v. & n.fooldeceptiondeceive
31 deception n.fraudswindletrickery
31 dupe v.foolcheatdeceive
31 dodge n. & v.avoidcunningdeceit
31 subterfuge n.cunningdeceptionstratagem
30 device n.maneuverployplan
30 wile n. & v.deceptioncunningbeguile
27 hoodwink v.fooldeceivedupe
24 con v. & n.deceivefoolcheat
24 bamboozle v.foolcheatdeceive
24 defraud v.foolcheatdeceive
23 ploy n.stratagemrusecatch
22 gull v.foolcheatdeceive


That’s right. The reason it is a trick is because people have been tricking themselves into making it all hard, complicated, and dramatic. Doesn’t have to be. It can simply be following excitement. Of course, that will be less dramatic.  

i call it #TheTrick  because that is just the manner of my speaking … i went into detail in the body of this thought in regards to what i mean.

”follow your excitement” is seriously thin instruction to baking your #MTP.  Sounds nice, but good though ? #WhoGrocks

well “follow your excitement” presumes an inner guidance which is sensed via a feeling.  perhaps one can train to hear it.

i have a spirit like that in me, and i love to hear it call and go with it.  For me It is not exactly as nathan describes … but then why would it be.

it should never be a thing that i would disparage in another … or preseum that i can know anything “about it in another”.

Nothing secret or complicated about following one’s excitement – most people do it already; they get excited about something & then do it or go after it.  It is somewhat like an #erection only … 

but obviously mark,  that is not what nathan or even myself are talking about.  your presumption to the contrary “about another” notwistanding.

Obviously you two #MakeShitUp instead of using ordinary English.  Enjoy the parade. 

… but that is just your usual habitual change of topic and irrelivant to what we were talking about.

Mirrored here for the enjoyment of the #juice … might be more fun for us to meet in Paradise Ca and duke it out in the snow. 

#NOPE change the meaning of the words & YOU are changing the topic & context.  I was using English & the dictionary.  YOU explain it.
i.e. if I want to make brioche I need a recipe . I don’t just try 1000 other ways to make it & claim occult powers once I stumble upon some results. null

Which phrase did you not understand what i meant ?

I understand my post. You are the one who contradicts it as not what you meant.  I AM NOT CONFUSED!

Well were you not accusing me of changing the meaning of words so that you could not understand what i said?   or did i mis hear that?   Maybe i am listening to what you say in dialogue here too closely … while what you are doing it more causual … more just like a fun #juice’ey game.  oh okay, your not confused at all …

hey, wanna stick your finger in my booty?

This continuously degenerating #RWG discussion about #LOA has left my true excitement & gone to the room of #boring .
I use #done to describe that room but you can just use the common meaning of the room.null

I don’t see the degeneration you speak of. It seems to be that overall in the discussions about #LOA today there have been some eye opening new thoughts by all 3 of us at various times. The rest is mostly exploratory. There is your continual shitting on things mark, but I don’t see that as being degenerative, but rather just something to work around … like walking through a room full of literal piles of shit on the floor. To be degenerative, no new ideas would be forthcoming, and energy would be drained without being replenished. I don’t see that happening here.

← maybe its more like this


closest meme i could find from this retrieval null

XOR just crony capitalism increasing .
See other solutions here: null

Fish use a flooded street to swim upstream null.   Almost certainly crony capitalism will increase in the #Trump admin.  mark’s uses another curious exclusive or.     i have no idea how those connect with anything here.  Fun scattered thingies for a Tuesday morn.

More like fish changing sides to get laid. Similar to politics. nullnull dullness but deep on your part, though.

well yes i did not go that deep nullnull.  

the sumer one goes, the higher the XOR wall … me, i avoid it. 

Strange, but I get the opposite. The deeper one goes the more one finds distinctions which don’t appear to a superficial view of things. null

null me too.   “superficial” being relative to myself.  i assume the same goes for you,  what you judge superficial is relative to yourself. 

But that is not what i was talking about.   

I was talking about the XOR wall between us.  The deeper i go in my side, the harder it is to throw some distinction over the wall to you, in a way that the same distinction happens in you when you digest it.  

I suspect it is a personal problem for you. Egos create the wall otherwise we would not be able to make a distinction at all because the Cosmic All is All – bigger than individuals & overwhelms – just a minnow swimming in an infinite sea of jism.

i do not think it is just me.  RS talks about this same phenomena.  So do many other gurus.  And, inidentally, so does modern psychology. 

Egos do create the wall … i would say that the wall is the ego.  It is a two edged sword, it allow us to apprehend and yet it separates us from that which we apprehend.  Which dilema, me thinks, we are actually becomming aware here in our dialogue … hopefully i am not just speaking for myself.

The “minnow swimming in an infinite see of jism” is certainly a thought that should get coined over on Google.   #kudos → mark for his coin.

A challenge is not making the Ego wrong – RS has further distinctions such as Spirit-Self for a higher sense of the Spirit & the double for a lower, Luciferic sense. All are necessary parts of the mystery of human evolution. 

Well i thought that is why we now have two words for it … #Egoo or #Ego .  

The former we  diminish … the latter we grow. 

They are mostly used as #RWG-words 

perhaps.  but i have used them to talk about that distinction. 

Yep, context can change a shoe into a hammer.

… or even to a object to sell or give to another for profit or joy.