The Fo may still exist, but his hammer is now impotent

Making private or deleting a public thought that has valued content by others will result in a locked copy of the thought and comments being placed in group test. Only the wizard will be able to remove the thought.

You Fo’s can stick your head in the stand if you wish, but you can no longer hide our well channeled, heartfelt and authentic content from we the people.  

p.s. At this time, thoughts can be put into draft mode without recompensation … but draft mode has never prevented access to others who know where the thought is. In the future, an additional feature will allow others who have content on draft thoughts to easily find them. Similarly, deleting your own threads that contain content by others does not actually delete the comments, but only marks them deleted … those too will be recoverable by others who own them.


seems to have worked on trying nested widgets

Will be making a group for these to go into other than test. But have not found the right name for the group yet. Got ideas?

”saved” or “reserved” or “reservation”

Practical, but not really cool too.


feeling or showing sorrow and regret for having done wrong; repentant.

group penitent would be fun, but not quite right yet.

i think you also need to incorporate in the concept that the action of deleting or privatizing was not necessarily unjust … and may well have been prudent.  the system should not presume sorrow or regret.  so this reservation would be like a way station where a thought put for objective consideration – not siding with any of the parties involved in a fight.

Yes, of course, that is exactly why penitent is “not quite right yet” … but still fun, and would twirk the shit out of Mark’s rainbow panties … which is a good thing, people need their rainbow panties twirked when they get too serious.  

well of course i do not see “twerking shit out of marks rainbow panties” as a fun thing to do … not something that i want to put energy into … not quite sure why you are spending so much energy on it … lots of much more exciting things to do.

You need to talk to Elaine about that … she understands it well. You and Mark never have. But it is true.  

… and Abraham agrees #btw.

… personally, I think GW made you two put too much value on seriousness … not a good thing at all.

Fixed it. Now the wizard cannot usurp a penitent thought. Good wizards never should, and now bad wizards cannot.  

might be #kool to get Elaine over here again … who knows, she might be able to shed some light on the issue.  we all have out pantie obsessions.  i am not sure representing them im public is a good solution.  somet things might go away … other things just get burried and fester.  this thing between you and mark … which i really have no feeling for … seems to belong to the latter case.

Not at all. Mark is making excellent progress, as am I. All is well and on track. We set this up before we were born, and it is serving us well.  

but mark’s excellant progress (or irrelivance of it) is just in your mind.  strange that you have yet to go through that door where you can see that.

I am leaning toward group retrocopy  

well i like “reservation” better … but hey … it is your thingey.

I see the evidence in the changes in Mark’s bullying and other negative habit patterns. If, as you say you don’t have a feeling for it, then you should not be making judgments about “it being only in my mind”. You have no perspective for that judgment, and don’t even if you did have a feeling for what we are doing either. It’s not your business and what you are saying is all in your mind. What I am saying has an evidence trail to support it. You should be able to see that difference.

I don’t want to usurp a name that could easily be for something else. “reservaton” could be a legit group at a TD for making reservations for something, so too with “saved” etc. A group name for penitent thoughts should not collide with nice names for other realistic groups.

well if you had listened before, you would understant how i know that it is just in your mind.  what i do not know is what you think you are doing,  and what mark is doing.  neither of which is my business.  but what i do know is the energy it is sapping from more interesting things.  that is so bloody obvious that you should know it too.  and, it is so not like your #LOA swimming.   #Sigh 

You don’t know it is only in my mind. That is simply a fantasy you made up.

As far as sapping energy, perhaps, I don’t deny that. And at the same time, it is far more important. It is a live goal we have set outside the boundaries of this physical verse. It is far more important in the grand scheme of our combined evolution than a little sapped energy here and now.

you know what i see … observe … i see you bullying mark.  just a straight forward fight.  just #RWG all the way down.  the presumptions that somthing else will happen from that is a notion in your mind. 

I mirror Mark, whatever that becomes, it is his right to see it reflected back.

p.s. your own panties are just starting to get a wedgie right now … can you feel that? Are you aware enough yet to notice that indicator?

yep a straight forward excuse to fight … to #Egoo wrestle ….  #OMG the #juice is great … there is no end there.   Your presumption that the other will change nowwistanding.

nope nathan … i am calm and kool … believe it or not.  we have been here so much that i understand it … having been #informed by prior instances.   do you see how you made that shit up about me … do you see how that is all in your mind.  huh? ← a direct question.

Apparently it is the proprietors of this that are the bullies. Forcing graffiti & your own opinions onto another’s work only perpetuates bullying. No recourses like removing my works from being your target continues the bullying. Last resort is never to make them public at all – perhaps that is what you have been attracting all along – anyway.
It will be fun to expose this nuance on something you don’t control such as G+ & FB etc. if you ever get it productized for use beyond a circle of 3. null

Yep, it is none of my business if he changes. I didn’t sign up for that being my business. I only signed up for the mirroring.  What I get out of it is an increased awareness of my own processes as well as an ability to face a bully and not go all wiggly kneed. There is always gain on both sides.

Okay, so you don’t have the awareness yet to feel the state of your panties. No problem … got some time left yet.  

but nathan i just told you honestly that i can feel the shit in my own panties.   Right now there is almost none.  

Total bullshit mark.

First, you can make your stuff public and prevent others from commenting, so that last is bullshit.

Second, there is no #graffiti … get a clue.

Third, all this does is allow others to recover their own valued content … it does not touch your thought or prevent you from making it private or affect you in any way at all. It only lets we the people have access to the public content we created without your bullying us by taking it away. 1st amendment dude!

I guess there is some value in #Egoo wresling.   Hey go at it … i don’t give a shit.   Maybe we should call this new group “Nathan’s egoo wrestling rink” null

It’s not just me … so fbi gossip (3 way because that is the total of the FBI) seems quite well named IMHO.

true it is not just you … it takes two (or more) #Egoo to wrestle.   that is the nature of the beast after all.

seems to me that you believe that you are an innocent bystander in the process because all you are doing is mirroring.   think about that one thought.   #RWG is mirroring … it is the same sin … it is the opposite of #LOA .

No. That is #MadeUpShit. I never said or implied anything like that.


And p.s. … the penitent clone gets locked, so that no one can add further comments or change what is there. It is simply a copy of the publicly generated content up to that moment in time that you #FoHammer’d it … so that others can recover what they thought, which to them is valuable.

well every time i call to your attention the #RWG that is happening between you and mark, you almost always say, “I am just mirroring him”.  That is your excuse for perputuating it.   It is right there in your own words.