Shell Game

The twittering class & the old guard CIA claims Russia hacked the election.  See the Politico’s comment in the about link.
However that’s all a smoke screen since nobody is delving into what HRC was doing on her private server conducting government business (even with Obama) away from the ability of Congress to oversee.  The big deal in all of this is that if you want to believe the CIA then there is serious breaches of security perpetrated by HRC & Obama & it is that which must be investigated thoroughly & all extant records preserved.  Had the material been available before the election HRC may not even have been a candidate & perhaps be behind bars.


#LOL … clearly there is a gross misunderstanding of politics represented here. Trump understands modern day politics. HRC understands old school politics. That is very clear. Which do you understand mark? Do you truly understand how politics have changed in the last 20 years and what factors obtain today?

Clearly you do not understand what I wrote.  Maybe draw a cartoon to help yourself.null

That is not an answer to the question I asked. I am asking about your knowledge of exactly how politics changed over the last 20 years and how to apply political prediction differently today compared to say, 30 years ago?

Funny in FB they reminded me of this post from 5 years ago:

Getting rid of corruption in Congress & the Executive branches & money in politics would be simple if Congress were populated with a Lottery. Elections by lottery. Then have Congress as electors elect the President. Could hardly do worse. Of course Super Big Money might try to buy the lottery but they would hardly buy the winner if each ticket belonged to a single citizen by $$# or something else.

Or, just realize as Trump did, that the person who will be elected is the person who is imagined most to be in office, weather that imagining is positive, or negative, doesn’t matter. Then, you can engineer your election accordingly.

One thing I remember from some previous zen contemplation is the thought that the people have always been at odds with their kings throughout history. Be it jealousy because the king does nothing on his own, or just the resistance to authority.  My thingy is still using the dynamic equilibrium model of the human body for the social organism as well!  Does the heart get jealous of the liver or the spleen abhor the foot or the anus? 
Metaphors abound.null

still stuck up the … of Abraham … time to move on ….

You are not responding to the material I present mark. You are responding you your perception of my presentation of the material and you are mistaking confidence for arrogance in that perception.

i don’t think people are usually “at odds” with their rulers or authiority because they are jealous of them.  Personally i have never felt that way – althought i suppose that some people do feel that way – after all that is the feeling mark chose to express. 

Me, I usually feel “at odds” with what could be called “my rulers or authority” because they restrain my freedom.  I can tell a story of the thrust of that feeling going back to my first revolution circa February 1943. 

My statement was generally taken in the political sense not a personal feeling sense. In the USA being able to criticize the government & take on just about any stand regarding it is the freedom we have. In some countries that could get your head chopped of. Many feel they could do the job better. Some probably could. Some probably not. null

Well the larger political world is a #mosaic of all of our personal ones.   What is being said truly of one is also true of the other.