Answer to another Fo Hammered question to me by Seth

Apparently mark also #FoHammer’d this item you directed to me. Hence all I have left is this flotsam news item to answer you back with. The maliciousness in this space by some is really fucked up IMHO.

… and so seth, now people can  on any thought they own. This prevents editing of any kind, including widget dropping, on thoughts in shared groups.


Did you understand this seth? You can see it in action on Cartoons - go better with Coke which is in shared group fbi but is my thought. Of course, you can only do this to your own thoughts, but it appeared like you tried to do it to one of my thoughts in test.

yes got it.  did you defalult all old thoughts to “exclude editing by others” … i don’t seem to be able to graffittee any of mark’s real old thoughts that happened before the feature was in effect.

No. It has to be deliberately added as a quad table entry by using the thought settings dialog. But you never should have been able to drop a widget on a thought that you didn’t own unless you were logged into that group. And this isn’t just about widgets, it applies to editing, deleting, changing state, in general. Widgets have the same rules as all other abilities to modify a thought.