Mark Fo Hammer's new age thinking and brain coupling

mark blew another mental gasket battling with his ego today. Ego won. Mark slinks into the background a whipped noodle, shadow of his true self. He has been doing so well of late, tis a shame.

All that is left is this truthful comment – About: Brain Coupling - thanks G+ - comment 67646

Here is a teaser

Jason Silva / Brain Coupling / Salt Stage / 07.31.16 from Jason Elon Goodman on Vimeo.


I am quite sure you guys know exactly what it really is. After all, I have been explaining it for years. It is simply coherent thought vibration. Simple objective and forensic proof of #LOA in action. There is no doubt about it, unless you take #LOA, and all exact definitions of what it is and how it works, off the table for some unscientific reason – such as it doesn’t match how you have been thinking things should work for the majority of your life, or because your ego won’t acknowledge the validity of it for fear that ego identity will loose face or power.  

i made a comment re these brain waves … which has gotten eliminated from our common mind here.   Hopefully it has already informed thinking here and i do not need to be repeat it.

I believe brain waves (and what can be seen with MRIs) can be objectively shared even with instruments. That they are an objective part of a #duality the other side of which is the subjective experience itself.  That they indicate an effect of a synchronicity, they do not cause or transmit it.  The synchronicity istelf #supervenes at a higher level on those factual details … and as such the brain waves are as irrelivant as is the TCPIP transport layer of this message to its meaning. 

I think that description differs from something that nathan said which also has been dissapeard from our common dialogue here.

Oh well. We can’t really have intelligent conversation with mark around, for if what is said does not meet his personal Nazi like standards, it will be cut or shit upon.

The flip side of that is mark is genesis, by his own design, therefore many thoughts will continue to originate by his starting … giving him license to control the conversation. He thinks it is the design of the system, but it is his story, not the system. He has written it so upon his own home thought.

well me, i am scorpio … i too am genisis.  null

Yep, you genisize, and fortunately, you are not a bully. You do not cut content unless it is non-content or intended as insult (for the most part), and you do not attempt to control what others do.

XOR with Nate around either. #RWG is automatic. You have proven that #FauxNate . I would love to give a copy of your posts to your #LOA friends , maybe on facebook or YouTube & hear their comments. 

Note this was a nice post until Nate joined it.

Just keeping it tit for tat (real). You don’t like it, stop it. I will match you either way.

There you go … attempting to control what I think and do. Notice that the only comment here is my very insightful one about #LOA … the only extra one the original had was an isightful one about your #STD. 

Clearly you want me to conform to your idea of how I should think.

Sorry, #done. I’m wiping#you off my ass, dude. null

Infinite practice, until you close your sphincter and stop shitting.