True Love - scene from Merlin

I like this on Netflix series Merlin as an alternative to the cops, hospitals, dysfunctional family dramas & laugh-track filled comedies on TV.  All you need to know is that you see the real version of the troll but the king sees only a somewhat beautiful woman.  A sense of humor is helpful. 5 seasons 13 episodes = ~ 65 hours of viewing. null


Yep. Watch all seasons 2 years ago. Wonderful documentary of those times in our history. I love how they show the truth of how things actually appeared to the people in that era. Great writing, dialog, romance, and tension in the script as well.

p.s. Noticed that you posted this at exactly 11:11 AM (my time anyway) … and that shows perfect co-incidence between my understanding and love of magic and the magic documented in this series. I love it!  

p.p.s. Magic like this happens moment to moment now in my world, but I still always love it!  

#sethhmmm … i guess i’ll need to stream #merlin.

This started as a humorous postive post too!

It still is. If you don’t think so, explain, don’t just shit like that. Be authentic.